Update: QS Heather

It’s been months since the start of the HAED BB SAL 2013, and months since I posted an update on Heather. As expected, my plan of completing 465sts per week to hit the deadline didn’t work out. LOL ~ and I haven’t even started on Middle Earth Large & The Oracle Mini yet!

I admit. I’m an extremely slow stitcher. Idk whether it is because I’m usually watching some drama or movie while stitching (can’t concentrate if I’m to only stitch – don’t ask why, I have no idea either!); or cos I spend too much time rail-roading the stitches to ensure as much coverage as possible; or maybe cos I’m currently holding the fabric by hand (I have a scroll frame but am too lazy to use it); or maybe cos I didn’t mark my fabric and hence spend too much time counting &re-counting (chances are, even if I DO mark my fabby, I’ll b doing the same due to mild ocd-ish tendencies)… or maybe it’s a combo of everything mentioned above + other reasons that I can’t think of at this point of time.

Right. Anyway, this is how she looks now.

Heather 15.05.2013

Have toyed with parking a little, and decided that I hate it – how do people even handle all that mess of threads? Sheesh! Am not gonna work on a 10×10 square block @ a time like others do either. Decided to just do all the black outline first, then do the ‘coloring in’, though as you can see, I’ve done some of the flesh tones cos I just needed a break from the monotony that is black.

Felt a little adventurous the day before, since I was home on sick leave (having a fever) and had the opportunity to work in daylight, and attempted a little of the confetti stitching. Well… ugh! Though I gotta say, it’s all a matter of perseverance, not as scary as I initially thought it would be… just highly troublesome with all those color changes. Also, much concentration is required to ensure that I don’t miss any of those ninja symbols! Took me like an hour to get what seems like 10 crosses in. Jeez ~ unfortunately, at this rate, I foresee this project becoming a UFO after all the block stitching is done.

Yes. Pathetic progress, considering a no. of ladies have already completed Page 2 & posted their updates on the BB. Honestly, while looking @ the WIP pictures of others who are working on the same project might serve as a motivation of sorts… it can also, at the same time, demoralize. I gotta constantly remind myself, it is NOT a race & that it doesn’t matter how long I take to reach the finish line, as the journey is only what that matters. Just can’t help feeling a little slow & ‘lousy’ looking at all that progress, if you get what I mean… and am pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels the same. Meh -.-

That being said, I better watch it before I become one of those crazy stitching ladies. HAED had a 45% Sale for Mother’s Day and guess what? I further increased my chart-count! QS Heather aside, I now have 9 HAED charts in my possession. Yep… I bought 7 this time round. The entire Martha Dahlig’s Seven Sins set that I’ve mentioned in my previous post. And am not talking about the recently released Minis!

7 SIns

Wrath will definitely be the first start of the set, but should I make her a higher priority vs Middle Earth and the Oracle Mini? Am planning to have at least another 2 new HAED starts by the end of this year. The Oracle Mini will definitely be done on 18ct Aida, since it’s of a manageable size. Am not too sure about the Seven Sins or worse… the Middle Earth one though. Pre-calculations resulted in fabric length of almost 1.3m for the LOTR map should I go for 18ct instead of the recommended 25ct. Kinda WTF-huge huh? Gotta decide soon and be looking into ordering fabby (18ct Aida from Spotlight turned out to be $59.90/m instead of $33.00/m – the tag was wrong) soon & hopefully my floss fairy is still in operation!

Gee… all this talk makes me wish I’m home now so I can put some sts in. Not too sure if I’m up to the task later though. My nose is watering non-stop & my eyes are so darn sore. I managed a little last night but towards the end I was squinting and barely able to see what I’m doing. Not a good sign for my eyes huh? Stupid flu, go away already!


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