Light Vs Dark Exhibition @ The Singapore Philatelic Museum

“The Force is strong with this one.” – Darth Vader

I am not a Star Wars fanatic (am a Trekkie tbh).  I can barely name the various ships & machines that made appearances in the movies, and I can’t recognize anything more than the main characters (i.e. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader… etc.).  When I read about the Light Vs Dark Exhibition, a Star Wars themed stamp & collectibles display, taking place at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, I knew I had to go.

Being the cheapskate I am, I immediately went to google the Museum’s free admission days… and found out about some great news!  From 18 May 2013, which is also International Museum Day, free admission is provided to all Singapore Citizens & PRs to NHB Museums + Heritage Institutions “all year round”! [list of museums]  While am unsure whether that means till the end of 2013 (since that’s closer to half-year round) or till much later, and while it doesn’t cover all special exhibitions, it’s something I plan to take advantage of o(^_^)o

Anyway, considering that the Storm Troopers are making an appearance from 2-4pm on 18 May 2013 (more dates here), I spread the word to friends & we went for a visit on Saturday!

R2 & AT

There were loads of action figures – an entire wall display of them, mini machines that appeared in the movie… the X-Wing, Y-Wing, Star Destroyer… etc., collectibles and even a life-sized figure of R2D2 (the AT-AT Walker is a mini).  Shame that he wasn’t accompanied by C3PO though.  And yes, there are also Star Wars themed stamps.  My favorite would be a series of Disney characters dressed up as iconic Star Wars characters!

Duck  Maul

At 2pm, a TIE Fighter Pilot walked into the museum and hence began the mad rush to take photographs with that dude whom after posing for pictures, decided to walk around the place holding a red balloon ~ LOL.  Then about half hour later, the Storm Trooper appeared.

TIE Fighter Pilot

^ that was a impromptu shot, when I was waiting for my turn to take a pic with the Storm Trooper.  TIE Fighter pilot came up beside me with a phone (not sure whose is it) to take a shot of the Trooper posing with kids 😀

Before anyone has any visions of grandeur, the exhibition was a pretty small one that occupies the ‘open area’ on the first floor, beside the regular galleries.  Nonetheless, it was time well spent and definitely worth making a trip down if you like Star Wars.  Exhibition will be there till 30 June 2013 \(^_^)/


One response to “Light Vs Dark Exhibition @ The Singapore Philatelic Museum

  1. zulkifli bin baharom

    what a dream come through,it never occured to me a star wars exhibition is nearby me(i’m staying in johor baru).First time i saw the movie in 1977 ,it captured my imagination as a boy at that time i want to pilot the y wing star fighter,untill these day star wars trilogy for me is a grand masterof all space action movie. i will visit the musuem nothing wil stopmefrom feasting my eyes to the collectibles item.

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