Itching for a new (HAED) start

There are 5 weekends in June.  Anyone on the HAED BB will know what that means 😉

For those who don’t, the 5th weekend’s SAL is a “Discontinued HAED artists / charts SAL + New Starts”!  Heh, of cos one does not need to wait till a weekend SAL to begin a new piece, but for stitchers like myself who need the little extra ‘push’ to do it, this is the perfect opportunity!  Yep, despite not even getting anywhere close to a half page completion on Heather, I do plan to jump on the bandwagon this time o(^^,)o

Prior to placing any order with any website (Cross Stitch Heaven looks like the best bet at the moment with a good variety of options + a pre-cut HAED size should I go for Magic Guide Aida), I’ve to decide the fabric count & color.  Considering that there are 3 upcoming months with a 5th weekend this year – June, August + November, am looking @ getting all 3 kitted up together to save on shipping costs.  Yeah, that does means a higher initial payment is required, but it sure beats paying for shipping on 3 separate occasions.  After all, I did mention here that am planning to have at least 2 new HAED starts by the end of 2013.  Might as well coincide them with the BB Week 5 SALs!

Once again, the 3 charts are:-

Middle Earth Middle Earth Large | 750W x 562H | 63 Colors

This one will most likely be the largest piece I’ll ever do my entire lifetime, and the one that I’m having the largest fabric dilemma about.  Working it on the recommended 25ct translates to 36.0”x 28.5”fabric, while working it on 18ct means 48.0”x 37.5” – a very significant difference.  20ct maybe?  Since it’s just a slight step up from 18ct, and about 10cm smaller at 43.5”x 34.5”.  While I have no issues with display space when it’s done (will clear my wall if I need to), the larger & heavier the fabric means the more difficult it will be to handle during stitching… as I generally prefer to hold my fabric by hand or clip it to my scroll frame.

The OracleMini The Oracle | Martha Dahlig | 237W x 315H | 78 Colors

Have pretty much decided to be working her on 18ct Aida, despite having some doubts about DMC 310 coverage based on what I am experiencing with Heather.  Highly likely this will be my new start for June, as the only thing I need to do here is go thru’ my floss stash & make a list of what I need as I believe I have sufficient fabric leftover from the last time I purchased a meters’ worth.  Will be needing 19.5”x 23.5”  =(^_^)=

Am contemplating giving her at name for easier future reference.  It would sound heaps better than simply calling her “the oracle” all the way.  Awena, Chazona, Delfina, Sevilla & Sibyl all mean “oracle”; Astera, Lilith, Sheila & Vesta are names that I like that kinda fit; and Asrialle, after my WoW Draenei shadow priest.  Mhmmmm…..

WrathWrath | Martha Dahlig | 400W x 600H| 87 Colors

Ahhh… I believe Wrath needs a name too, though I’d be quite content to merely call her “Wrath”.  She will be 28.5”x 39.5” on 18ct & 26.0”x 36.0”on 20ct.  Yeah pretty huge too, huh?

Size aside, and with exception of The Oracle, I’ll have to decide on the fabric color as well.  At the moment, my heart is leaning towards Cream / Ecru for Middle Earth & Pearl Grey / Pale Rose for Wrath.  Though the charts are fully stitched and depending on how the pieces are framed, little or no part of the fabric will be seen, White fabby seems to have the annoying ability to show up pretty bad when coverage is not perfect.  Guess it’s something to do with the light reflecting properties of the color.  Shouldn’t be a consideration at all if I’m going for 20ct though.  Pretty sure coverage on that will be nicely tight if using 2 strands of floss – will be tricky pulling the needles thru’ the holes though.  Ugh.  Why is there no win-win situation?

btw am using the iphone app Crafty Fabric for the above-mentioned calculations with a +3” border for ample framing allowance factored in.  Generally will double check it with other online calculators prior to purchase (too lazy to do it now) & do a third check prior trimming… just to be safe.  Hey ~ measure many times, cut once!

All this talk makes me wanna rush home right after work to stitch but I’ve already purchased tickets for Fast & Furious 6 so looks like it’s gonna be a night of indulging in eye candy instead! 😀


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