HAED Sale, Again?! *\(^_^)/*

Not that I’m complaining!  This time it’s a 50% off Father’s Day Sale till 9 June 2013 :O

*mumbles*  Perhaps I should have exercised more restraint during the previous (45%) Sale and not bought all 7 of the Deadly Sins charts then – could have gotten each chart for US$1.00 less, which means a larger saving of US$7.00 which I can then top up a little and gotten another chart!  Blehhhh… such thoughts are destructive eh?  LOL ~ I were to wait to see how low prices can get, I could end up waiting indefinitely and should luck run out, the chart I want gets retired haha.  But in all seriousness, I’m happy with my purchase back then.  I was in serious need of retail therapy (being in one of my ‘low moods’ and all) and each chart is gonna provide me with hours & hours of stitching bliss – if I ever get down to doing them o(^^,)o

Like a lot of other stitchers, I’m a stash hoarder and I’m trying to fix that.

Went thru’ my floss box yesterday, to work on my purchase list for the intended 2013 HAED new starts (have decided to kit them all up together & pick one on impulse to start when the SAL week comes along), and found that some of my threads have developed yellow spots on them and will have to be discarded (or recycled in other forms).  Ugh.  I wonder if switching to plastic bobbins will prevent that issue – will have to google some later.  It’s annoying really… how floss & fabric (paper too) tend to get yellow over time of non-usage.  Happens to my light-colored clothing as well  *grumbles*

Think I should really quit procrastinating and clean up my wardrobe (where I too keep my fabric stash) a little and check on the spare 18ct fabric I have… and come to think of it, I better get out all my WIPs and store them all in ziploc bags before putting them into the pillow case that I’ve been keeping them in.  Am unsure if that will help much, if even at all, but I guess it beats not trying anything.  Mehhh… now that I think about it, I should also frame up the “Year in Stitches” project that I’ve completed in 2012.  Still unsure how I’m gonna frame it – was contemplating getting a cheaper pre-made frame (cos I don’t think it needs any matting), but I suppose maybe I should just bring it to a framer’s for a more professional finish.

Year in Stitches

Righto!  Giving myself till end of this month to do it.

Yeah, I work better with deadlines LOL


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