Alps Café: Dine in the (Almost) Darkness

Ahhh… another gamble that paid off. Chanced upon this coupon, bought it after some thought & finally went for it on Tuesday, and had an awesome dinner! o(^_^)O

tbh when I first saw Alps Café, I felt a little dread creeping on. It looks like a pub – tight spaces, music, people drinking and all… and well, from my negative last dining experience in a pub-environment, I was half expecting the food to suck. I was proven wrong. Gladly.

Oh… for starters, I wasn’t even dining in the ‘pub area’! Was led to a separate room at the back, which was dark, with only tea-light candles on the tables illuminating the place (well… there’s some light ‘leaking in’ from the outside but it wasn’t too much). There were proper tables and comfortable chairs + sofa seats. The music wasn’t overtly loud, and they were playing pretty much radio-friendly Top 20s stuff, which was good.

Alps cafe

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Me + friend settled down, handed the voucher to a waitress and simply just sat back & waited.

PS. Soz, no pictures of the food cos it was too DARK to get a decent shot with my iphone. Flash just made the food show up totally unappetizing, which is far from the truth, so I decided to not upload any.

First up was the soup of the day – had clam chowder. It was nice & thick, with a decent amount of clams, carrots & some other vegetable (celery?) in it. Then came starters: Deviled eggs, Fried Tofu with bacon & spring onions + Stuffed mushrooms. The deviled eggs were lovely, the fried tofu a tad spicy, and the stuffed mushrooms heavenly. I was so glad that my friend doesn’t eat mushrooms – had all 4 of those yummy bites to myself *\(^_^)/*

Next up was the main course. Friend had chicken while I had the seafood. The chicken was… interesting. It was wrapped over some vegetables and wrapped in bacon, drizzled with sauce that I think is cranberry (?) – not really my kinda food (I prefer my mains to be savory, not sweet-ish) but my friend loved it. My ‘seafood’ was pan seared (I think) fish. No idea what kinda fish exactly but it was soft & done just right. The mashed potato that came with the mains were yummy as too! Wish I could have like a second helping of everything – yes, I can eat that much.

Finally the last item on the menu was the parmesan rice stuffed in a roasted tomato. All I’m gonna say about it is – Epic Fried Rice.

Bleh all this talk about food is just making me soOOOOoo hungry! And yes, I’ll definitely return to Alps Café in the near future. Keeping fingers crossed for the same deal to appear again 😀

Alps Café

38 Prinsep Street

Singapore 188665


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