The Haze is Back (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The SilkAir flight I was on touched down in Singapore at approximately 23:40hrs last night.  The first thing I noticed upon entering Changi Airport was the foggy / misty feel outside.  Initially I attributed it to the airplane window, but when I logged onto facebook after 8 long days (fb is banned in China -.-“) and read the first 3 status updates on my newsfeed, I realized that it wasn’t the window.  It is foggy out there.  The annual haze, caused by forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia, has returned.

And it is BAD.  F**king bad.  Peaking at a PSI reading of 152, it is “the highest amount of haze since 2006” [source].  Right now, at 12pm, it’s still at an unhealthy level of 114 [source].

I kept my windows closed the entire night due to the stench, but I can’t stay indoors forever as I need to get myself to work this morning.  The 10min walk to the MRT station was nasty.  The usual mid-year heat was there, and the air was choked with smog.  It’s suffocating.  Arriving at the office, I noticed that the area around where I’m seated is being renovated.  /sigh what a return from vacation, huh?  Haze outside, dust inside.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t pick up any respiratory infections due to this >_<”

To those responsible for all the smog (shall not go into detail here to prevent stirring up some international/racial **** – finger pointing is fully NOT my intention here though I do have some personal views that I reckon are best left self-censored), the following meme sums up my feelings for you.

clap meme



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