1,000 Places to See Before You Die

I gave in.  Been contemplating for ages (cos I’m a scrooge who hates spending money) and finally bought 1,000 Places to See Before You Die last evening.  Was unable to resist the 20% Kinokuniya Sale.  The damage is S$27.61, after discount.  Well… I was actually at Kino to see if the issue 204 of the World of Cross Stitching (WOXS) was out – it wasn’t, unfortunately, but I had the desire to do some shopping… so meh ._.  Considering that S$15.00 was paid via gift vouchers (a b-day pressie from E), I guess it wasn’t too bad!  Yeah, I know that I’ll probably be able to download a free pdf version of it, but I honestly believe in paying for things that deserve to be paid for (this is also why I get almost   This book is one of them o(^^.)o


[image credit: Wikipedia]

Righto.  Am gonna use the book as a wishlist/checklist of sorts.  Would be handy in planning vacations I suppose.  Not that I’ve got any more annual leave to burn for 2013.  Took 6d for China, 1d for Vietnam (+0.5 carried over from last year’s balance), 5d for Tokyo, and an additional day cos I was feeling under the weather… I have a grand total of ONE day left for this year!  Oh ~ and am planning to use that ONE day to check out the recently opened River Safari on my birthday in Dec!  Why on my birthday?  Well… cos it’s free entry for me on that day – will be able to save S$33.00 if I were to go then.  Keeping fingers crossed for good weather!  \(^o^)/

I haven’t opened the book yet tbh.  Was too late when I got home last night after watching Man of Steel – which I felt was pretty good, btw.  Now that I think about it… mhmm… I wonder if Singapore has any place listed in the book.  Honestly?  I can’t think of any attraction/landmark in Singapore that is a must see for people in their lifetime.  Yes, there are a few interesting tourist spots, but are they in the ranks of places like Stonehenge (this I’m 99% sure gonna appear in the book) or the Grand Canyon?  Not. Even. Close.

Eh I’m not dissing my own country, really.  Am just being honest.  There is not much Singapore can offer if you are into natural scenery, historical places… etc.  BUT… one really good reason for you to visit Singapore is – it’s a foodie heaven.  Eat & get fat! 😀

/sigh pick your timing well though… avoid the haze.  The PSI was 172 an hour ago >_<”


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