3hr Average PSI: 321, the Silent Hill effect @_@

I generally refrain from posting about current issues for various reasons:  1. I’ll be merely pulling stats off official News websites, might as well read the websites directly; 2. I don’t generally care about what goes on around me; 3. when I do care, I have very strong opinions that might offend & stir sh!t which is not the intention of Simple Complexity; 4. I usually have more stuff on my mind that I’d like to put into words; and finally, 5. everyone everywhere is already posting similar stuff on every platform… don’t wanna seem as if I’m jumping on a bandwagon.

However, am making an exception of the recent Haze that has hit Singapore.  LOL yeah, I’ve already commented twice about it during the last 2 days.

Why?  Well… cos it’s the first time the PSI has reached hazardous levels here (GG Indonesia <insert Kim Jong-Un meme here>), and I guess, I just wanna chronicle this my own way.

The 3hr average at 10pm was 321 – our highest ‘record’ ever.  The average reading, mind you.  Considering that the average was 290 at 9pm and 190 (this figure needs an accuracy check) at 8pm, anyone with minimal intelligence can only imagine how high the actual reading during that hour is?  F**k NEA for shrouding the truth (no pun intended) from the general public.  Mhmm… if a graph that has been shared via Twitter & Facebook is to believed, the PSI reading peaked at 453.  That being said, for reasons not divulged to the public, the NEA… and consequently, the general public, seems to be taking this pretty lightly.


No kidding.  McDonald’s suspended delivery service supposedly to protect the health of its riders – I call bullshit considering tt delivery is suspended at midnight, when the PSI is lower than that during 9-11pm… BUT 12am is when this week’s Hello Kitty gets launched!  Hence more likely, they knew they will b unable to cope with the surge of orders (even their website crashed, I sh!t you not) and used the haze as a convenient excuse.  Anyway, the consequence is people braving the haze and queuing outdoors in order to get their paws on the coveted kitty – I’ll post about the kitty crazy another time, when I have a full set to photograph LOL

PS.  Sometime around noon, McD had a facebook status update saying that the kitty is sold out island-wide.  Yep it is like 12hrs after the release.  This is how insane the craze is (・_・;)

So guess that it’ll be a while, if ever, before widespread panic hits the general population of Singapore!

Anyway, in recent days, people have been seeing the ‘humor’ in the situation.  There have been countless of haze-related submissions on SGAG (Singapore’s version of 9GAG with modifications of memes that hit closer to home – gotta be Singaporean to enjoy this), and I must say, I’m finding some of them really funny LOL

smoke outThis is one of my favorite – a parody of Zouk Out, one of the largest parties

I wonder how long making something like takes.  As you can see, am not very graphically inclined and neither am I really creative – am just using a standard skin available on WordPress & posting within a template.

can't see me^ hahaha some people have too much time on their hands 😛

Funny stuff aside, the twisted part of me thinks that it will be interesting, should the PSI continue to increase till crazy levels.  Say PSI: 500.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t hope for something like this as it will probably leave permanent effects on the health of everyone here, but humor me for a moment.  Wouldn’t it be really interesting to see how the government and people react to it?  Would it be deemed a national emergency and will production actually cease?  i.e. people being forbidden to step outdoors; the disruption of public transport; the halting of all flights in & out of the country.  It isn’t close to the Apocalypse I’ve always wished to live long enough to experience, but it’ll probably be somewhat fun.

You know what goes on in the movies.  People turning on each other in desperate times.  Looting, pillaging, and the general surge of crimes.  People dying on the streets, bodies everywhere.  People holed up in their own fortresses, with a dwindling food & water supply… etc.  Will that be mirrored IRL?  tbh though I strongly believe that most Singaporeans will be too afraid of the repercussions of breaking the law to actually attempt something overtly brazen, but I believe that in desperate times, a person’s pure survival instinct will take over.  Hence yes, it will be fun, in a sick way, to experience a catastrophe like this.

Some have likened the current Singapore surroundings to that of Silent Hill.  I don’t deny that was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind.  It feels somewhat like… home.  Now all I need is for some monsters to make an appearance, should I get lucky, I’ll meet pyramid head ._.

LOL kk, enough of those kinda thoughts 😀

The haze has also brought to us some ‘natural’ special effects, and am pretty sure photographers country wide are braving it with a mask, and taking awesome pictures.  Here are some of my own, taken with my iphone4, with no filter & effects added.  Resizing + border done with MS Paint (hahaha lazy, I know).

Raffles PlaceRaffles Place, The Singapore River @ slightly before 6pm on 19.06.2013 – on my way home

View from roomFrom my room window @ almost 8pm, 19.06.2013 – before playing WoW

Corridor viewToday @ about 8:45am or so – leaving for work, PSI is probably in higher 120-ish range

Unfortunately, I was too busy gaming to take any irl screenshots when the PSI peaked last night.   My office has really splendid haze-shrouded views right now, but unfortunately, it’ll be awkward to enter the bosses’ rooms (where the views are) to take photographs so meh.  The 3hr PSI @ 1pm broke last nights record – it went up till 371, and it’s now 355 at 2pm.  Anyone with half a brain would know that a 3hr PSI is not indicative of the actual PSI at a point of time.  Look… it was 299 at 12pm, 198 at 11am & 158 at 10am.  Without bothering to do some Math, it’s obvious that the actual PSI for these few hours would have gone as high as ~460!  Higher, if you’d ask me, but ~460 would be a generous guesstimate.  Still no word of emergency from the government.

Makes one wonder, what will it take for the govt to announce a state of emergency.  Well perhaps they are manipulating figures to prevent mass panic or perhaps all they are interested in is GDP, with little regard to the health of the citizens – well population 6.9 million goal, who cares if 1 million dies, huh?  Must we wait till people start dropping dead on the streets, or for the A&E in the hospitals to be filled before it’s deemed too dangerous to step out of the home?  Don’t really care that this haze will probably leave an imprint on everyone’s health for years to come eh?  Come I clap for you too…

Sheesh.  I better refrain myself from ranting any further before I get arrested for expressing anti-government sentiments.  Yes, they can do that even though this is a personal blog.


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