PSI: 400, the record is broken again

First it was 271, everyone was like :O  then 300… 321… 371 and w00t ~ the 3h average PSI is 400 as of 11am 21.06.2013 – and still, the order to stop work hasn’t been issued.

Well… am on medical leave today – don’t feel too good (having non-haze gastric issues as well), and am hoping it doesn’t get worse.  Throat is sore, nose is raw & my eyes are smarting.  The haze has even invaded my home, cos it’s foggy everywhere.  Am gonna try do some cross stitching later, but I am doubtful it’s gonna happen cos I can barely see things w/o a blur.  To be fair, people with normal eyes should be able to see normally indoors still.  I’ve got chronic dry eyes, hence the slightly more serious reaction.

I’m starting to agree with what others have been posting on facebook, the anti-Indonesia sentiments.  The rage is further fueled by the way the Indonesian minister has reacted by saying Singapore is “behaving like a small child” over haze [source].  Like, wtf, really?  Politicians should really filter the words they say.  Such statements only serve to incite, not calm.  Once again… come I clap for you ._.

PSI 400 21.06.2013 #2

This is how it is from my window about an hour plus ago (sometime around 11am).  Nearby Penisula Plaza, say 5min walk if u are lucky with the traffic lights, has been swallowed by the haze.  If anyone has Singaporean friends on facebook, or if you are Singaporean yourself, you’ll be seeing tons of before-after pictures taken by peeps on their mobile.  Tell me now, that we are over-reacting.

PSI 400 21.06.2013

And this is from the corridor of my flat, shortly before the above picture is taken.  Compare this with what I’ve taken yesterday, the difference is clear (lol cwhudididthar?).  Yes, am sure now everyone is an amateur reporter, posting status updates on fb, twitting, blogging… etc., but really, is it possible to stay passive and not react in this situation?

I can bet my entire WoW fortune that should this be a natural disaster, an act of God… say, a volcanic eruption, people will not be reacting this way.  Furthermore, listen carefully what people are really pissed off about.  People are pissed off about how the government is handling the situation – this morning especially.  At 7pm, the reported PSI was 111… and at 8, it was 158.  Anyone with eyes can see that’s not the case.  The stench of burning ash is in the air since I stepped out of my air-conditioned room @ 7:30am.  A glance outside the window explained why.  The low reported PSI… is it to prevent people from not turning up at work in masses?  Just who the f**k do they think is this stupid to believe the numbers?

Yes, I am pissed off, albeit being slightly amused by how I flipped a virtual table at the PSI being 152 a few days ago.

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