I Run Because…

I (hope) I can.

Despite being an epic fail @ self-motivation & being extremely lazy, am desperately keeping my fingers crossed that someday I’ll be able to remove the bracketed word.  Why?  I don’t know, honestly.  I don’t love running, at least not yet; I can’t run more than maybe 3km at a time (this figure is just a poor estimate as I haven’t really tried how far I can go – doing Z5K & Zombies, Run! till my foot arch pain begins doesn’t give a good gauge cos part of the time is walking/skipping/doing leg lifts… etc.); and am unsure if my foot condition is improving or will ever improve.  One thing I know for sure is that while I find it extremely hard to get myself down to the gym, when I’m actually succeed in dragging myself and I spend like 45min on a Mission + another 5-10min on the weight machines, I feel awesome after despite having seen any changes in my body… my flabby parts are still flabby.  Maybe I’m just doing it wrong or not working hard enough, but whatever, the effect resulting from the release of endorphins is good enough for me at the moment.  LOL

QuoteCredit: Personal Excellence

Anyway it’s been slightly >2 weeks since I’ve gone down to the gym… or has it been even longer?  I can’t remember whether I’ve managed to drag myself down the week before I left for vacation.  Whatever.  I certainly didn’t go  during my vacation, and last week I was too tired and lazy to do so.  Fully intend to go down for a session today after work despite it being the Time of the Month, and tomorrow, planning to attend a yoga class prior to watching World War Z.  There.  Now that I’ve said it, I’ll have to do it.  LOL

There are heaps of running events in Singapore for enthusiasts.  Merely looking @ the list is sufficient to make me wanna enter a few… and well, I caved.  Yeah I know I’ll probably regret it on the day of the run itself due to the atrocious early start (am so not a morning person + I hate going to bed early), but as I’ve registered 2/3 of those with a friend, am hoping I will not bail.

Shape Run | 7 July 2013 | Nicoll Highway | Official Website

I admit.  I first heard of this run last year, while attempting the C25K program, and I registered then, in the hopes of motivating myself further.  Unfortunately, I gotta admit that the foot pain I experienced while doing the C25K discouraged me so much that I didn’t get past Week 2 of the program.  On the day of the run itself, I woke up, and I went back to sleep cos I just simply cbf.  This year, have registered for it once again, in the hopes that I’ll be able to put the previous year behind and actually go for it.  It’s in 2 weeks time.  Am unsure if it’ll even take place, due to the haze situation in Singapore, but I’m determined to attend if it goes on as scheduled.  Yes, even if it means I’ll have to walk/hobble (depending on the pain) half the distance.

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run | 15 September 2013 | Changi Prison Complex | Official Website

Was complaining to the friend whom am going for the Shape Run with about the nasty orange color of the Shape Run jersey and she suggested that we go for others to collect the shirts.  After googling a list and checking out the options for the rest of the year, we decided to attend the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run for the cause it represents – the rehabilitation of exoffenders.  While I still don’t have enough goodness in me to agree that everyone deserves a second chance (I honestly reckon that those who rape & those who abuse children/animals should be destroyed), I sincerely believe that people some do… and I empathise with the difficulties they face re-integrating into society.  Well… perhaps I just wish to believe that sometimes, people can… and do change.  Have ticked the option to be part of the formation of a huge yellow ribbon too.  That, I reckon, will be fun!

Race The Dead |26 October 2013 | Sentosa | Official Website

Finally. “Singapore’s first 5K Zombie Obstacle Run.”  I can’t tell you, how long I’ve been waiting for something like that to be organised.  Thankfully registration opened at midnight, 10 June 2013.  The spots were limited to 5,000 human survivors and 100 zombies.  Zombie volunteer registrations opened sometime prior to the survivors registration, and tbh, I was more interested to go as a zomb instead!  However, I hesitated, cos such things will be more fun with friends, and well… I don’t know of anyone else who would be keen enough to do so.  While hesitating, the zombie spots filled.  It was then I decided f**k it, am gonna be part of this run whether I find company or not.  I camped the website that night, and after some frustrating moments with the website crashing & all… I secured my spot.  Yeah, I’ll be going alone though a girl I recently got acquainted with will be attending with her friends, so I’ll probs meet up with her for a tad.  Plus some guy I got acquainted with via OKC will be there too.  Not too sure if I’ll be able to make it to the Fort, but I guess, it’s gonna be one pretty cool event.  Gotta try complete more ZR Missions prior to then!

Great Eastern Women’s Run | 10 November 2013 | The Float @ Marina Bay | Official Website

This was the other run I signed up for in 2012 and didn’t attend cos I knew I probably wouldn’t finish it.  I had registered for the 10km run, biting off way more than I could chew.  I was intending to take part in the 5km fun run this year till I confirmed my Tokyo vacation.  10 Nov will be the day I return from Tokyo.  As it’s gonna be an afternoon flight, there is no way I’ll be able to attend.  Bleh… guess I’ll have to wait till 2014 to rectify this fail of mine.

° º ¤ ø . ¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸ ¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø

Obviously those mentioned above are ones that I’ve registered for & was going to register for.  They are not the only runs for the rest of this year – there is actually like one every fortnight, and some weeks have got more than 1 event going on.  Mhmm… now that I think about it, I wonder if it’s possible for someone to make a living off running races.  Take the Shape Run for example, the 10k first prize winner walks away with S$1,000 cash + S$8,000 worth of products and services (inc an Aibi Athens Motorised Threadmill worth S$3,680)… the second to tenth places also stand to receive some stuff which are not mentioned on the website.  The Sundown Marathon 2013 10km winner gets S$400 cash + a Polar RC3 GPS w HR.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, and besides, there is no guarantee that a person can win all the races all the time, but I can’t help wondering the possibility exists.

Maybe I should train harder for some extra cash eh?  lmao… just saying!  What are the freaking odds /heh

Anyway, there is one more run that I’m highly interested in.  The Swissôtel Vertical Marathon. Probably sometime in November, their website has yet to be updated.  73 floors.  This is gonna be one heck of a climb \(^_^)/

Makes the National Vertical Marathon 2013 (40 floors) look like child’s play, eh?  That being said, I’m in no way mocking the NVM.  I’ve been taking part in the NVM since 2011.  That year, it was held at One Raffles Place, 63 floors.  I took almost an hour to get to the top as my tummy gave up mid-way & I had to momentarily exit to use the toilet for a really long time.  The view from the roof top garden was smashing though, and from then, I was hooked.  Yes.  I really do have a penchant for high places (hence I love hiking up mountains) – the stuff you can see from up there… phew!  Eh… pls don’t even suggest that I take a lift up a skyscraper to enjoy the view from a window, I’ll slap you.  NVM 2012 & 2013 were held @ Asia Square Building, 40 floors with an o-kay view.  I can’t remember my exact timings for both years, but I know it was a miserable 20min or so, finishing in the bottom half of the table… and I had to stop to catch my breath a couple of times.  I know, I know, I should have trained.  The Z5K sessions weren’t enough.  I was lazy ok?

Gonna try making it into the first half of the table should I take part in the Swissôtel Vertical Marathon this year.  Dare I go for a goal of 30min (a huge leap from my 40 floors in 20min ‘record’)?  Ah well, here’s a pic from the top of Asia Square this year…

2013.01 - loot

PS. Wrote this post when I was in the office & published it after I got home.  I did make it down to the gym, and have completed Week 8, Day 1 of Z5k!  Only one more ‘training session’ left then I’m off to a Mission – a 5k run to Berthe’s Airfield.  w00t !~!


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