Shape Run Postponed – Meh ._.

“Shape Run 2013, originally slated for 7 July 2013, will be postponed to 27 October 2013 (Sunday) instead. As a result of the uncertain haze conditions, the popular women-only run organised by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd (SPH Magazines) has rescheduled its race day so as to safeguard the health and well-being of its 10,000 runners.” [more information]

Bummer.  Despite being unprepared, I was looking forward to attending the run as a test of my current abilities.  Was intending to use my (pitiful) timing for the Shape Run as training motivation for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, but looks like my first run of this year is gonna be the later instead.  And that’s all the way in September, another 2+ months to go.  Well… it does mean I’ll have more time to ‘train’ but I have the feeling I’ll just take it easy all the way till then and go for it wishing that I’ve had more discipline.

The GG part is… Race the Dead is on 26 October 2013, so yeah, for those who are taking part in both races, it’s gonna be one heck of a weekend.  Perhaps I should start training for a 10k instead of a 5k… and the meantime, look for something else in July/Aug to take part in, maybe? >_<”


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