Hello Kitty Anyone?

This happens every time McD has a Hello Kitty series for sale upon purchase of their Extra Value Meals.  This year, it is the “Fairy Tale series” – from left to right in the picture below, Witch Kitty (delivery only), Ugly Duckling Kitty, Lion Kitty, Singing Bones Kitty, Frog Prince Kitty & Little Red Riding Hood Kitty.  While it was a pain securing the Witch Kitty even on the first day (I had to resort to ordering a meal for my friend & getting the kitty sent to her place cos those in my area are already sold out by the time I got off work at 6pm), the madness began imo last week, with the Ugly Duckling Kitty.

hello kitty

[Image courtesy of McD Singapore facebook page]

Most people would agree that getting the Lion Kitty & Red Riding Hood Kitty were not too difficult – people could still buy it days after the release.  I was out of the country during the Frog Prince Kitty launch, but judging from the remarks on facebook, it was sold out pretty quick, like the very next day (?).  That night the Ugly Duckling was released, I went downstairs slightly past midnight to get mine – cos I totally cbf to wake up early for breakfast, so might as well just have supper.  I ended up queuing for like 45min.  While in the queue, I witnessed people purchasing multiple kitties… am not talking about 2 or 3.  Am talking about 8 and 12… and am pretty sure there are some who bought even more.

Insane?  Nah.  They are just out to make a quick buck, as misguided Singaporeans pay exorbitant amounts to secure a kitty after it is sold out.  It is one entire ridiculous circle.  People who didn’t get their kitties, buy kitties from others who have ‘extras’ at $30-50 -> people see others making a 500% profit on their ‘investment’ decide to join the fray & buy up as many as they are willing to for re-sale, causing kitties to sell out even quicker -> desperate collectors pay… and the story goes on.  It was the same with the N95 masks during the height of the haze issue last week – with unethical bastards (yes, you deserve this title as the masks might be a life or death thing for some people, unlike kitties) hoarding up on masks to resell them at many times the original purchase price for a quick profit.

Last night as was the climax of the Hello Kitty Syndrome, an epitome of kiasuism that Singaporeans are so famous for.  11:30pm, I woke up from a nap and looked out of the window.  Huge horde of people outside, and my dad who was still awake, mentioned that he already saw a gathering when on the way home from work at about 9+.  I took a shower, went downstairs at about 11:45pm and as expected, the kitties were already “sold out”.  Yes, the actual sale starts at midnight, but with everyone in the queue purchasing the max no. of 4, and with just that many kitties available (150 where I am), it’s easy to see that people beyond a certain point will be going home empty handed.  Kudos to the McD staff for letting people know beforehand, instead of making people queue for hours only to find out everything is gone.  Apparently coupons were handed out to those in line, and yep, I was too late ._.

Just how late was I?  Well….

“Queues for the Singing Bone Kitty started as early as 8pm at some outlets and reached almost 300 by 11pm at an Ang Mo Kio branch. Each customer was limited to four toys per transaction”Straits Times Online


Friend at Pasir Ris was telling me over Whatsapp group chat that he joined the queue at his area at 10:50pm and didn’t manage to get any.  Thankfully someone else in the group had went down to queue in another area (I think it’s AMK) at 10:30pm and was in line for the kitties and was fine with selling him one for the normal price of S$4.60 + price of meal.  Pasir Ris dude then told me a friend of his is selling kitties over facebook @ S$40.00 each, and has 11 in stock.  /rolleyes.  He isn’t the only one of cos.  One look at the McD’s facebook wall, you’ll see tons of people selling at various prices.

Hello Kitty Re-sellers

While I can see why people who didn’t manage to get their kitties get angry against the re-sellers, I think a lot of them are not seeing the big picture.  With no demand, there will be no supply.  The people who are willing to pay those re-sellers to get their kitties, are as much at fault as the people who are re-selling their kitties.  Ironically, a huge no. of the people who complain about others selling the kitties at a high price are the very same ones who end up buying the kitties at the high price.  /sigh  It’s simple really.  If you think the re-sellers are being f**ked up selling a kitty at S$50.00, then don’t buy.  Walk away.  Live with not owning the kitty – it isn’t a life/death matter.  No achievement is gonna be attained by collecting the full set.  Simply boycott them if you wish to make a stand.  Complaining, THEN buying is just silly, really.

Something sillier is people taking pictures of the queue and/or people in the queue, submitting them to SGAG who gladly posted it on their facebook page inciting much hate and unfair personal comments against the peeps who are unfortunate enough to be photographed without their knowledge.  Here is an example:-

catch mouse

Kinda unfair to the poor kid, huh?  Well.  I don’t know him personally, and really, I am NOT defending him here.  I’m just quite irked to see people shooting their mouths off (ugh, fingers off) w/o knowing what exactly is going on.  Look.  I agree that there’s a high % chance that the kid is a re-seller… and much as I don’t approve of re-selling, I don’t see the need to abuse him for his weight.  BESIDES, who can say for sure what will he be doing with the kitties?  For all you know, he is getting them for a bunch of kids at the orphanage or something.  Yes, a tad far-fetched but can you say for certain?  If you can, then fine, hurl the stone.  If not, then just stfu?  Am sure most people who made those negative comments against him, don’t know sh!t… and uhmm, what does the kid being fat gotta do with anything?  If you wanna rage against an issue, rage against the issue, don’t toss other things into the fray – just makes the mud slinger come off as really stupid and crass.

lmao, the insane no. of people who get butthurt over a plush toy.

Well… anyway, thankfully, this is the last week of this kitty craze.  Life reverts to normal and think I’m gonna stay off McD’s for at least a month from today.  I’ve got a once per week fast food quota & am of hopes that someday I’ll be able to make it once per fortnight… then once per month, but meh, have went over a couple of weeks due to the consumption of McD, so yep gonna try stick to it again! o(^_^)o

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