Inertia: Once you start running, it’s hard to stop

Since the Shape Run has been shifted, I might as well go find some other runs prior to the Yellow Ribbon one to keep myself… well, running.  LOL.   These 2 caught my attention:- 

The Color Run | 17 & 18 August 2013 | Sentosa | Official Website 

An untimed, non-race, 5K “run” that will leave participants really colorful (literally) after!  Yeah I won’t be able to get race timing, but this sounds like one heck of a fun!  Heh… and I do have a white tank top that has a small hole in it that I can’t bear to toss out so this might be the perfect opportunity to give it one last use before I pack it up as a ‘souvenir’.  Anyway registration opened at 12pm earlier and by the time I logged on during lunch time (approx 1:25pm) the 17 Aug slots are all filled.  Hence I decided to not wait and register for the one on Sunday 18 instead.  Now am hoping to find a friend who wants to go as well… and pray tt my friend (if any) manages to register in time.  If not guess I’ll just have to see whether I can sell the spot to anyone via the fb page, cos such things just aren’t too fun alone. O(^^,)o 

Tampines Run 2013 | 8 September 2013 | Tampines & Bedok Reservoir Park | Official Website

Taking place a week prior to the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, am contemplating about doing the 4.3km fun run as a “warm up” of sorts.  Registration (with Passion Card – which I have) is only S$10.00, making it one of the cheapest runs ever & part of the proceeds go to charity, so why the heck not?

k.  Registering for running events are starting to become quite the addiction, like many other things.  Think I should stop for now & limit myself to like 1 run/mth cos am starting to spend too much on registration fees already!

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