Zombies, Run! 5K Training (Review: Part II)

Eh to eradicate any confusion, no, the app does NOT have a Part II.  This is just Part II of my review (of sorts) about this awesome app by Six to Start.  Part I is here, and written shortly after I purchased the app.  Been months since then and I’ve spent many delightful hours ‘playing’ it, so I’d say it was worth the $$ spent!


/sigh I need to get a rant off my chest.  Much as I simply adore the app, it gets on my nerves sometimes and last night was one of those moments.  Was doing Week 8 Training Session 2 of Z5K last evening @ the gym – had a great session and am into my last 5min run before… THE APP CRASHED!!!  omfg.  When I restarted the app, all progress was gone… gahhh!!!  Now I gotta redo the session all over again.  kk it isn’t the end of the world, but just a meh moment that I’d like to b!tch about cos I’m a whiner 😀

Seriously though, I don’t know about the experience of android users or even fellow iphone users (got only 1 other friend who uses the app & he has no issues with it so far… but he’s only into Week 2), but the app has been far from perfect for me.

1.  It crashes.  Yes, last evening wasn’t the first time and am sure it won’t be the last.

2.  The app “dies” midway… the story just stops.  The accelerometer continues tracking my paces, the timer keeps ticking but the cues and voiceovers simply cease – at times even “mid-conversation” with one of the NPCs!

Only thing I can do when it crashes or dies midway is to restart the mission.  Depending on how far I’ve gone on that particular day, I’ll just re-run it then or do it another time.

3.  The music player stops working.  Time for your run, go… then *silence*.  Ugh.  When that happens, I usually just turn on the music player manually – it’s annoying & a hassle, but not game breaking.

4.  No distance tracking.  k, this is really no biggie but I’d actually like to know how many km I’ve covered in total without mentally taking note of the distances I ran/walked on the treadmill then adding them all up (treadmill I’m using goes off ‘pause’ mode after 60secs & resets everything – usually happens during the 2-3min stretching).  The accelerometer tracks my paces but doesn’t estimate my distance.  My ZombieLink Profile shows my total distance run as 0km, annoying as heck (in case the link doesn’t work, I’ve inserted a screenshot below to illustrate my problem).  Yeah there’s an option to manually enter the data but whenever I do, it doesn’t get saved… so I gave up.  Might be my browser or settings, idk, but I used both Firefox & IE on it.  Am sure this wouldn’t be an issue if I’m running outdoors using the GPS tracker instead, so guess it’s either I d that, or live with 0km run.  >_<

ZR Profile

That being said, I won’t discourage people from buying the app.  I still think it’s a great one, though it can be much greater with all those issues fixed.  As for replay value, mhmm, not much tbh, but I do foresee myself using probably Week 7 & 8 training sessions in the future for when I wanna improve on my 5k run timings =)

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