Fitness Motivation

I’ve signed up for both The Color Run & the Tampines Run.  They are more than a month away, hence am keeping fingers crossed that I don’t end up falling off the bandwagon.  Especially since the Color Run isn’t a timed race.  Knowing myself, I’ll feel that I still have plenty of time to prepare for the Tampines Run & end up taking it easy for the entire July & August.  So yeah, I NEED a kick in the butt.  Hence it’s time for some motivation gathering…

MyFitnessPal (MFP) | Website

Have been a member for a few years now, but admittedly I’m never good at sticking to something… I’ll logon daily for like a couple of weeks, then disappear for a few mths, then log back on again to see if I can find something new/interesting to adopt.  I did use the calorie tracker for a bit when I first signed up, but felt that it was too much of a pain cos I eat out every day & it’s impossible to estimate how much of a certain food is in my ‘economic rice’ (basically rice + 2-3 portions of meat/veggies).  The most annoying thing is I gained like 4kg after using the calorie tracker, guess am better off w/o it and simply listening to my body, regardless of what other people say!  (>_<)”

That is my experience though.  Judging from the message boards, some people have used it with much success.  That’s awesome!  I don’t like the MFP message boards too much either tbh.  There are some real b!tches & jerk-offs there (like in any Internet community) that seem to merely wanna shove their point of views down another person’s throat.  Don’t believe me?  LOL ~ go look @ any of the juicing threads or any thread that has a user saying she wants to be on the lower end of her BMI range.  On MFP it seems like there’s an anti-skinny campaign going on – smaller chicks being told they are not ‘real women’ w/o curves; sayings like women are for men while bones are for dogs… etc.  While since I don’t participate in most discussions hence the comments aren’t directed to me, I can’t help feeling irked when I read about them.  What’s with all the hate?  So I do what I usually do when something irritates me… I stay away :Þ

I have to be clear on this though – am sure the negative ppl are just the minority there.  There are heaps more members who are supportive, friendly & really nice… and those people have positivity that rubs off even via cyberspace!  Hence I still reckon it’s the perfect place to visit when I need that extra motivation =)

Tools to Keep you Active (TTKYA) | Website

A Virtual TransAmerica Walk is not new.  Well… though am unsure who came out with the idea first, and am too lazy to research that, sometime last year (or was it the year before) I stumbled upon the American Discovery Trail (ADT) that basically takes you across the continent of America, crossing 15 states.  I kid you not, I was actually contemplating doing the trail irl, but since then I’ve found other stuff that I’m more interested in (i.e. the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage).  I still might do it for real someday, but probably not within the next 5 years.  Anyway, there is a Web Walking USA thingy that is a cool substitute though I never got down to doing it after printing out the logs & trail list.  I’ve since lost the sheets of paper, so meh!

Anyway, am gonna see whether an online tracker would be easier to ‘maintain’ – have just signed up on the TTKYA website with my goal of walking/running set at 15km per week.  User ID is #74966.  Am intending re-do my final training session of Z5K later today (if I don’t get tired out from shopping @ a department store clearance sale first), so will probably log some kilometers tonight.  How long will I keep this up, I have no idea, but \(^_^)/ to trying!

There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Challenge! | Website

397 Miles to travel with Bilbo from Bag End to Rivendell; 570 Miles with Bilbo from Rivendell to Lonely Mountain; and 967 Miles back to Bag End… 1,934 Miles in total & 3,112.47km.

Just checked my account on the website (Little Bump)… my last exercise record is in November, with 15.62 miles of hiking hills.  Been a while since I bothered to update it seems!  I’ll be sticking to my old goal of travelling with Frodo to Rivendell.  35.5/458 Miles covered so far.  Would feel a little like cheating if I were to estimate my mileage from my previous Z5K sessions, since I never recorded the actual distances so guess I’ll just have to start tracking again from what I cover from today onwards – assuming I remember to note it down.  It will take me forever, at the rate I’m forgetting to track stuff, but someday I’ll get there =)

Perhaps I should somehow integrate this with stitching Middle Earth Large…

¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸


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