Virtual Running: An Intriguing Concept

Ahhh… I always stumble on something new via MFP Forums – came across a thread about Virtual Running (VR) yesterday afternoon.  Being in a hyper-running mode lately, I naturally just had to check it out further.  LOL no, it’s not running with your mind.  The concept is simple, really.  Firstly, you choose a Virtual Run that you are interested in, decide on the distance, and then pay the registration fee, usually via PayPal.  Then you choose the time & place to do the stipulated distances for real (pretty sure cumulative distances are accepted as well).  Finally, receive your medal in the mail and add it to your bling collection *\(^_^)/*

running inspiration

Casual googling led me to VR organizers Will Run for Bling & Virtual Run Queen, and an FB group Virtual Runs.  Joined the FB group last night and I was pretty surprised to see the sheer no. of virtual runs being organized!  With that many, how is one gonna choose?  Well… I’ll make my selections based on how much I like the finisher’s medal and how much I care about the charity that the VR is raising funds for.  That being said, of cos I’ll still have to check whether the organizer is able to ship international (all that I’ve seen are US-based so far) & how much the additional shipping is gonna cost me.

With international shipping costs & currency conversion taken into consideration, will this still be cheaper than official races organized irl?  Yes and no.  Race the Dead was S$65.90 and The Color Run was S$50.00 – both early bird rates (no “late birds” in these 2 situations cos they sold out shortly after registration opened).  However, there are also races that cost less, such as the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run @ S$25.00 (6km) & the Tampines Run @ S$10.00 (4.3km) – both runs come with running jerseys, a race pack (usually discount coupons & misc. stuff) as well as medals.  The real life runs are definitely a “better deal” compared to the VRs, if I am to calculate it this way.

Why run Virtual then?  Simple.  The flexibility of it simply rocks – there is no need to commit to a specific time & date, one can do it whenever, wherever.  Yep, even on a treadmill.  Plus you can choose the distance you wish to run… be it a 5k, 10k, half marathon or further.  How awesome is that?  That means I don’t have to wake at some insane hour, force myself to devour some semblance of breakfast for energy and drag myself through 5km or more.  LOL yeah, I am so NOT a morning person.  Besides, there are just so many real life races that one can sign up for.  VRs are a good way to add to anyone’s medal collection =)

Gotta watch my spending though.  I’ve got my eye on like almost 10 races now, and I’ll be so broke should I register for them all.  Yeah I know the amount I’m gonna splurge on registration fees can probably purchase a vacation for myself… but well… guess this is my way of doing my bit for charity!

And now for more motivation, once again a reminder…

Zombieland Rule #1


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