A Possible Addiction

(~_~) Arrgghhh STAHP!!!!

I think I’m on my merry way to becoming a Bling Whore, and I think I should stop myself before I blow too much cash on Virtual Runs (VRs).  But… but… the medals are oh so lovely, I can’t help wanting them all! (^^;)  Ugh I can hear the IKRs already.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’ve got my eye on like 10 VRs.  Well, since then, that list has expanded to 22.  And that is after filtering the ones that I don’t really want.

I’ve gotta shortlist, but it’s so darn difficult!  Some of the runs come in a “set” i.e. Villains of Batman Virtual Series (4), Princess Challenge Virtual Race Series (4) & Heroes in a Half Shell Challenge Virtual Run (4) – the last 2 having an additional special medal for runners who complete the set plus there is also a registration discount.  Meh, I have a major weakness for sets.  That weakness is what led to me collecting the entire set of McD Hello Kitty plushies when tbh all I really wanted was the Singing Bones Kitty.  Thankfully those where relatively cheap @ S$4.60 per plush (only the Witch Kitty cost me >S$20.00 – had to make the delivery to a friend’s place cos it’s sold out in my delivery area, so of cos she ate the food too).

The races are US$20.00 – US$30.00 per race, without taking into account international shipping which I gathered as about US$12.00/delivery.  Should I take part in everything I wanna take part in, it will cost me US$515.00, which works out to > S$650.00.  It will probably be like S$700.00++ inclusive of shipping.  I know that the donations are for charity and that I’ll be doing something that results in a win-win situation (me getting the motivation to run + bling AND the charities getting the much needed financial support), and I know I should not be monetizing everything but I really do have to take a step back and decide whether I should part with this much cash.  That’s almost half of what I take home per month, and I’ve got vacations & my future apartment to save up for >_<”

Financial issue aside, will it even be physically possible to run that much?  Looking at my running log, I have 1 run for August, 2 for September, 2 for October and possibly 1 vertical one for November.  LOL yes, call me a wuss if you must… I know some do 10K runs like 2-3 times (or more) a week.  I just can’t, and don’t wish to push it, at this point of time, ok?  I’m looking @ probably playing 1-2 missions of Zombies, Run! per week and am not sure how much ground I can cover per run.  Am estimating something like 3k per half hour mission… and will probably continue running a tad more each time to hit the 5k mark to ‘earn’ a medal.

True, I can simply run ONE 5k and use the single result for multiple VRs, but imho that is downright cheating.  Est sularus oth Mithas.  It’s something I will never be able to bring myself to do.  I can’t possibly run once and make it count for 2 different races irl, can I?  So what makes VRs any different?  As for playing a Mission of Zombies, Run!, well, I intend to do so while taking part in an irl 5K race… with exception of The Color Run & Race the Dead of cos!

btw, I know it is insane but I’m contemplating taking part in yet another IRL…

Kranji Countryside Run 2013 | 11 August 2013 | Kranji Sanctuary Golf Course | Website

I confess.  I’m highly interested in the Runner’s Entitlement: the plush toy, the cute medal and the LOL-worthy shirt.  I did roll my eyes when I first saw the tee, but the more I look at it, the more it starts to grow on me.  Haha gonna be hilarious wearing it.  The only meh part is the location of the run.  Will need to bring a change of clothes along and somehow get rid of the stench on my long journey home :Þ



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