Hi, my name is Eru and I’m a (new) Virtual Run Addict

I’ve only heard about Virtual Running earlier this week, and since then I have signed up for 7 events. Pretty sure I’m on my way to becoming (if I’m not already) an addict. As there are still some VRs that I have my eye on, I don’t believe I’m done for the year yet, though my bank account is starting to nag pretty loudly – I shush it up by telling it that am doing this for a good cause… heaps better than mindlessly spending on items, that I only use once, during one of my retail therapy sessions.

Let me recount what I’ve gotten myself into.

Cheshire Challenge | Girl Power 2 Cure

This is the first VR that I’ve signed up for, and being the first, am sure it will be the most memorable. With 5K / 10K / 13.1 marked on the medal (below), am gonna feel inclined to do all 3 distances in the stipulated month of October… cumulatively of course! I’ll strive to do the 5K by itself, break the 10K into 2 runs and since I’m not too ready to run a half marathon as yet (it’s 13.1 miles, mind you, which is like 21.1K), I will probably just cycle the distance on a stationary bike in the gym instead.

Cheshire Challenge

Girl Power 2 Cure is organization vs Rhett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that predominantly affects females. Oh… and it’s potentially reversible – that’s what makes this cause all the more significant. Plus this is girls helping other girls who are suffering… that’s just the epitome of “girl power”, if you ask me!

Hello Kitty Run/Walk | Make A Wish Foundation 

hello kitty medal

Ok. Just look @ that medal and tell me that you do not want it. I have never been a Hello Kitty fanatic, but I must confess there’s something about the no mouth cat that makes it stupidly cute. The kitty medal caught my eye. Then when I saw it is for Make A Wish Foundation, I was sold. The event is a 5km/10km run/walk with a 1km option for kids. I have decided to make mine a 5km run (well… jog).

For those who haven’t heard of the organization, Make A Wish Foundation (MAWF) “grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition in the United States and its territories”… and yes, there is also a branch in Singapore, which I’m contemplating volunteering with. So what draws me to this organization, considering I’ve never been a kid-person (and I never will be)?

It began when I Wowhead-ed the mount [Ashes of A’lar], a flying phoenix mount that drops off Kael’thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep. I was actually more interested in trawling the comments for tips of how to solo KT as a lv 85 warrior, when I came across one mentioning that the first player-owned was given to a kid when he was granted his wish of visiting Blizzard HQ through MAWF. [more info] As an avid WoW player (am a recovering WoW-addict), it resonates a great deal with me… and yep, am still farming for the mount for myself. Sadly, Ezra Phoenix Chatterton has since passed away, but cheers to Blizzard for what is probably the best day in that kid’s life & it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for MAFW =)

Winter is Coming 5K Virtual Race | Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

On the same day that I registered for the Hello Kitty Walk/Run, I signed up for this. Gotta admit that it is namely cos I fell in love with the medal – beautiful, isn’t it? Portions of the proceeds will go to the organizer’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Team in Training for the 2013 ING Hartford Half Marathon in October & her fundraiser in August.

winter is coming

Team in Training (TNT) is an endurance sports program by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS), where members are provided training to take part in events such as marathon, triathlons, century bike rides… etc. in exchange for raising funds to support the LLS. I honestly think this is a wonderful thing and a win-win situation for everyone. According to Wikipedia, members have access to certified coaches, sports education clinics and even provided for event fees, airfare & lodging to “more than 60 accredited events in the United States and abroad”; while funds raised go to “research and patient care”.

Heroes in a Half Shell Challenge | Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Honestly? I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew for this one. The Heroes in a Half Shell Challenge is a set of 4 runs. 4x half marathons, which adds up to 84.4km total distance. Granted that I’ve got till end 2013 to do it, but it does sound a tad insane to me. So how did I cave? Well… I like TMNT – it was one of the cartoons I grew up with & absolutely loved, hence I was eyeing the medals for a few days till yesterday the organizer did a 4th of July sale and brought the registration price down to US$75.00 (normal price to do all 4 is US$100.00)! I slept on it, and when I woke up, I caved. Signed up for it before leaving for work. How am I ever gonna get all that distance down, I have no idea. Yes it definitely has to be cumulative and not limited to just running. I might have to start counting the hikes that I plan to do during my Tokyo, Japan vacation come November \(^_^)o


Master Splinter medal is a bonus for those who do all 4 Turtle Halfs!  Have decided to skip the Foot Solider 5K & perhaps use the $$ for another charity instead.

Right, why the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society? /sigh I hate to say this but I actually do know people who have lost their lives to leukemia. One who left a deep impression is this girl, Regina. She was my junior in Secondary school, member of the PA Club I was in. Though I don’t know her very well, and decades have passed since then, I can still remember how she is always smiling and happy despite her illness. I can also still remember how upset everyone was at her funeral. She was only 14. Ugh. F**k cancer.

¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸ . ø ¤ º ° º ¤ ø . ¸

Whew! Ok, that’s not much. Only 130.5km that I’ve gotta cover in total. For now. Though it might seem not much of a big deal for marathon runners since that is slightly more than 3 marathons (arghh… you crazy crazy CRAZY people!), it is kinda WTF for a lazy sack of bones like me… and I’ve got a sickening feeling that I’m not done with VR registration for the year yet. Wish me luck. I’ll need it.

PS. If you are wondering what a strange name I have, lol, that isn’t my real name. Eru is short for Erulisse (Air-oo-leese-say) … the name of my main, a Draenei warrior, in the World of Warcraft. It is an elvish name that translates to “Grace” in English. That is my given name.


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