30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 2

My legs are hurting.  Most of it is “good” pain – muscle aches.  I love it when my muscles ache a little cos it means that I’ve been working hard enough 🙂  Unfortunately, the squats are causing my left knee to act up too.  I guess the 5K run from yesterday aggravated it a little.  That ain’t good pain and am hoping it’ll go away in time so I don’t have to abandon this challenge.  Anyway, just checking in to say…

Day 2, 55 squats.  Done & logged o(^^,)o

Pain[Credit: motivationblog.org]


4 responses to “30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 2

  1. Have you been foam rolling your thighs? That will help, if you dont have a roller you could use a rolling pin or golf ball.

    • Nope, I don’t own a foam roller. Uhmm… I don’t have a rolling pin or golf ball either, but I guess I can easily get a ball from a sports store somewhere (foam rollers may be slightly more difficult). Will rolling my thighs help with the knee pain? Am not too bothered about the muscle aches.

      • Its worth a try. Sometimes if you have a tight IT band (it runs down the side of your leg), it can pull on your knee and cause pain.

  2. Roger that. I’ll youtube some vids ltr on how to do it with substitutes. Thanks! 😀

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