Going for IPPT (2.4km Run) Gold

The Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) is something most Singaporean males groan about each year.  It involves 5 stations: 1 minute Sit-ups, Standing Broad Jump, Chin-ups, Shuttle Run & the dreaded 2.4km Run.  Mhmm… am sure many guys are gonna flame me for saying what I’m gonna say but am gonna say it anyway.  Try not to send me hate email or flood my comment box with derogatory remarks, ok?  I’m a sensitive soul… kekekeke.

Friends, acquaintances & my WoW guild mates keep telling me how difficult it is to pass and what a waste of time it is (especially when they fail and have to do mandatory RT).  One quick question – eh guys, you do know that you actually get monetary awards when you achieve gold (S$400) and silver (S$200) right?  I would jump @ the opportunity for that extra cash – S$200 can fund my plane ticket (budget flight, of cos) to countries in SE Asia!

Yeah, I can hear it already… what does a woman know about taking the IPPT?  I don’t have to undergo National Service, I don’t have to do this **** ever year.  Fair enough.  I can understand your defensiveness.  I honestly apologize if it hits a sore spot, but I don’t understand where all this resentment vs the IPPT is coming from.  Once again, it’s free money?  Why do you not like free money?

Let’s look at IPPT Standards for Category Y1 Combat NSMen who ORD before 1 April 1994.  (source)

To attain a silver ranking, one will require C +18 and for gold, B +21 and a < 10:15 2.4km Run timing.  I might have interpreted the requirement wrongly (pls correct me if I am), but I believe that to attain a silver, one will have to have a min. of C ranking for all 5 stations and >18 pts in total; while for gold, one will have to have a min. of B ranking for all 5 stations and >21 total plus a < 10:15 2.4km Run timing.

Fine, I admit that according to male standards, I will critically fail the Standing Broad Jump requirement (probably cos I have non-existent coordination & don’t know how to utilize momentum).  Yep, I will hence be unable to even get a pass & sent for remedial training, should I be required to do the IPPT each year… and heck, I can’t do a single Chin-up (inclined ones I can LOL), but those aren’t the main issues, are they?  Mhmm… if they are your issues, or if your issues are any of the other stations, then ignore this post, cos I’m only interested in the “long distance” running part of the IPPT, and hence am not referring to you.

Inferring from what guys around me say, the 2.4km Run is the killer.  Really?  A C-grade for that station is 11:41 – 12:20.  How is that Mission: Impossible?  Of cos I don’t expect a couch potato to suddenly get up and run that distance in that time, but am sure any average guy out there can easily hit the time if you train casually.  No?

Righto.  If you haven’t already been thinking this, am sure what goes on in your mind now is somewhat along the lines of…

“This chick talks so much, think running is so easy, let her try it then.”


Fine.  I’ll do it and since I’m gonna be doing it, I might as well go all the way for gold.  < 10:15 it is.

To assure you that I’m not some fitness bunny who has been exercising all this while nor am I a triathlete or something.  I’m just a wannabe runner and here are my recent timings:  my 5k is a miserable 37:15 and my 2.4k (treadmill) is a disgusting 17:23.  Why did I do a 2.4k in the first place?  Well… a guildie told me his time was >20min.  That got me wondering how f**king slow must he have gone so I decided to try it out in my average jogging pace of 7.5kph – of cos some parts I went slightly faster to try improve my time… bad idea cos I ended up slowing down to a walk to catch my breath LOL

Today is 10 July 2013.  I’ll begin my “training” tomorrow (yep, tomorrow) and give myself 2 months to do it.  Perhaps I will end up eating my words, or perhaps no one else gives a darn that I’m doing this but hey ~ am the kinda person who likes setting goals, working towards them and eventually attaining them… so Game On.


3 responses to “Going for IPPT (2.4km Run) Gold

  1. Ha! Love it. Hope you beat those times. Good luck.

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