Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Scheduled for release on 27 August 2013 on the PC & PS3 [source], Phase 3 of beta is on its way… and I’m IN!  w00t!!!~!  I could barely believe my eyes when I logged onto my email Tuesday afternoon & saw “Welcome to FINAL FANTASY XIV…”  Felt awesome!! *\(^_^)/*


PS.  Got the chills while watching the trailer video.  Something about the song in the background… the beauty of the gentle female vocals contrasted against the chaotic destruction of the battle in the foreground, really got to me. *sniffles* Been awhile since my emotions were triggered while watching a trailer.  I think this might be The One.

While only time will tell whether this is gonna be the ultimate reason that would make me leave or whether this is gonna be merely a vacation from Azeroth (I still do have much that I wanna accomplish), one thing for sure is that it’ll keep me from WoW for this entire weekend.  I’ve been dying to play FFXIV since I heard about it.  While I can’t boast to have completed ALL games in the FF series like how some fanatics must have, I have soft spot for everything under the title.  Beautifully crafted worlds, aesthetically pleasing characters, awesome spell effects, engaging storylines and well choreographed cut scenes that make me feel like I’m watching an animated movie… how can one not fall in love?  ~ ❤

Anyway, NDA has been partially lifted [source] for FFXIV so I suppose I can talk about it and share screenshots! o(^^,)o

No screenies at the moment though I took quite a bit during my first night of play yesterday – went way past my bedtime so I decided to just go to bed, sort out & maybe upload the screenies (if I eventually do) another time.  Gotta work the next morning and it’s hard enough to keep myself awake thru’ the day w/o starting it off sleep deprived already.  Pffftttttt ~ work.  I’m not one of the lucky ones who are in a job that they love.  While I don’t dislike my job, I feel that work is just something I have to do so I can pay for stuff in my “real life”.  I mean, my vacations don’t just get paid for by themselves, you know?  /sigh wish it was a public holiday or something.  lol

Oh ~ btw my first character is a Miq’ote, Seeker of the Sun.  Meow~!  Loved the character creation process – many options available.  I think I spent like almost 45min just on that!  Anyway, am likely gonna raise her as a tank (yes I am aware you can switch classes anytime in game but Phase 3 ends in a few days, I won’t have time to play them all) since both friends who got onto beta as well favor playing casters.  Hopefully that means I don’t have to search for healers like crazy when I eventually do dungeons or group quests >=D

Am liking the game so far.  The world is beautiful, and am not even playing on max graphic settings!  FFXIV seems to have a cinematic feel to it, not as cartoonish as WoW is… closer to how Guild Wars 2 is – though I’d describe GW2 to have a painting-feel instead.

No comments about the combat system as yet.  Spent most of the night running around with my friends, exploring the world, taking “photos” at spots that we think are pretty (lol wanna guess what kinda tourist I am irl?) & activating the aetherytes (teleportation points) in various towns.  Am thankful that not all monsters in the higher level zones are aggressive & that the aggressive ones don’t have a huge aggro radius vs lowbies like the mobs in WoW do.  With some careful navigation and timely usage of sprint, we did manage to get around quite a bit.

Anyway… TGIF!  Gonna get so little sleep this weekend, but I already know it’ll be a great one… have an awesome one to, everyone!  d(^_^)o

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