The Cries of the Public have been Heard – More slots open for Race the Dead 2013; plus my re-attempt at Zombies, Run! Season 1, starting Mission 2

Alright.. Here it is! For the thousands of you on our waiting list, we have decided to open up a second day for the race! […] Registration opens 28 July 2013! Priority will be given to individuals on our waiting list at so be sure your name is on the list! Oh and yes 150 more Zombie Slots will be opened! – Team RTD’13 [source]

Awesome news to those who didn’t manage to register the first time round \(^o^)/  The organizers for Race the Dead have decided to add an extra day to the event, allowing even more peeps to participate… and registration opens on 28 July 2013!  Folks, be certain NOT to miss it again! 

race the dead

Grrr… 150 more zombie slots.  It’s tempting, but I can’t as 27 Oct is the postponed Shape Run and I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m not gonna bail again this year even though I will probably be aching badly from RTD the day before. 

Honestly?  With my current fitness level, I have my doubts about surviving RTD. 

I went for my second outdoors run yesterday, this time (re)playing Mission 2 of Zombies, Run! Season 1.  The jogging part was fine – I can probably handle the entire 20+min jogging at the same pace… BUT I had zombie chases turned on.  That, I didn’t do very well.  “Warning: Zombies detected,” whispered the voice in my ear.  I picked up the pace as much as I could & I cursed that it just had to happen when I am at the “upslope portion” of the Helix Bridge.  As expected, I wasn’t fast enough and I soon heard “Zombies 50 metres”, by then I was panting like crazy but I soldiered on, trying not to slow down.  Then it was followed by “Zombies 20 metres”… argghh I was so certain that I would get caught but due to some miracle, I got away.  When I heard “zombies avoided”, I did a mental sigh of relief and slowed down to catch my breath – that ended up with me walking for like the next 2-3min before I can even start jogging again. 

The second zombie chase took place on flat ground, enabling me to get away sooner… but it also resulted in me taking a recovery walk after.  Needless to say, at the end of the mission, I was exhausted. I have only covered about 3k upon completion, I decided to plod on till I reach my goal of 5k.  Post-completion of the mission, runners will be accompanied by Jack & Eugene on Radio Abel – phew, at least it’s gonna be a casual jog from then on… I thought.  I was so darn WRONG cos I ended up being chased by zombs a third time!  Arrghhh by then I was barely ‘jogging’.  I refused to get caught, so I gave it my all.  Phew ~ got away, and I hit my goal shortly after. 

So THIS is how playing the game for real feels like.  Prior to Z5K training, I was wogging (walk-jogging) most of the time while I played the missions on treadmill… walking at 5kph while listening to the voice-overs, jogging at 6.5kph when music played and did the chases at 9kph.  While back then I couldn’t maintain the 9kph pace for too long and had to slow down after each chase, I wasn’t as breathless as I was last evening. 

How zombie chases work is that the app calculates my average pace over the past 30 secs and when chased, I’ll be required to increase that by 20% and maintain for 1 minute to escape. [source]  For the (slow) speed I was doing on the treadmill, 9kph was more than sufficient to outrun the zombs… but apparently I went significantly faster irl.  My RunKeeper log put my average at 7.75kph and the splits showed that my pace fluctuated quite a bit (probably due to being chased + the walking after LOL).  Chances are, I was going at an average of 8kph and hence will have to go at 9.6kph or more to escape the zoms.  

RunKeeper 15.07.2013

Yeah I understand that is a pace that most regular runners would feel comfortable holding even for the entire 5k, but at my current level, it was a challenge and I’m glad that I survived.  My total timing for the run was quite disappointing though.  38:42, that’s more than a full minute slower than my run last Monday.  While it would be unrealistic to expect that I’ll improve every single week, I can’t help but worry what if 37min is the best that I can ever do?  How often does one need to train and what distance must a person run each session to significantly improve his/her time?  Looking @ the results of Shape Run 2012, the Top 10 finishers for the 5km category clocked sub-25min… would 30min be reasonable goal for a beginner like me?  

Nonetheless, a 5k is a 5k.  With that, I’m claiming the Winter is Coming 5K Virtual Run medal o(^^.)o 

And… am going to see a podiatrist (again) tomorrow, this time for heel pain.  The bruised feeling got a tad worse this morning, so I called the National Health Group appointment line & luckily there’s a slot available tomorrow morning!  Keeping fingers and toes crossed that it isn’t the dreaded plantar fasciitis I’ve been reading about.  Bleah ~


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