I Hate Being Sick.

Blah! My weekend plans of going for a swim, then trying out a baked salmon recipe @ a friend’s place went out of the window when I got a sore throat on Thurs (doc said it is tonsillitis) which developed into a fever on Fri and eventually evolved into a cough over the weekend. Am almost done with the course of antibiotics prescribed by the doc on Fri (got like 3 doses left) but the throat & cough doesn’t seem to be getting better! Arghh… actually the cough seems to be getting worse and I’m feeling pretty much lethargic all the time. Then there’s the brain fuzz. I didn’t post anything for the past few days cos every time I sit down and try to type something, the words don’t flow. The rambles are coming better today – but that’s pretty much all I can handle. Rambles.

Needless to say, I have been couch potato-ing the entire weekend and only managed to drag myself down to the gym last evening for 20min at the elliptical & 10min on the stationary bike. I would have loved to go for a short run, but my heel still hurts. I’m wearing my running shoes + insoles to work these days. Still trying to get used to them. While my left foot feels quite comfy, my right is starting to feel kinda bruised. Lame, huh? I wouldn’t want to the correct the problem on one foot then have it develop on another. Maybe all I need is a complete change of footwear. I’ll look into that soon.

The frozen peas thingy is giving me much pleasure (^^,) I would have my dinner, then sit in front of the TV for like 10-15min and place my foot over the “pea pack” wrapped in a towel. The cold is oddly comforting… LOL maybe cos it provides a great respite to the heat these days (yeah there is heat all the time, living 1 degree North off the Equator but for the past week it’s been feeling like I’m walking around in an oven). This is one ‘treatment’ that I’ll probably integrate into a perma post-dinner routine.

I might go for yoga later this evening. I don’t know. Much as I want to do it, I’m feeling very tired right now and all I wanna do is go home (am at work & not even half the day has passed), turn on the air-con & Zzz…

One response to “I Hate Being Sick.

  1. I’m glad the frozen peas are working.

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