What is Your #GameChanger Moment?

Over the past week I’ve been reading fellow members on TribeSports share their #GameChanger moment on the #GameChanger Challenge Page.  It got me inspired enough to join the #GameChanger Tribe and thinking about mine.  The first thing that came into my head was – the Zombies.  Yep, the Zombies ARE Coming.

I have NEVER been a runner.  Ever.

Yeah sure, I did running when I was in primary & secondary school – but only cos it’s part of the Physical Education Class or only cos me + friends were playing “police and thieves” during recess time.  Then I went on to polytechnic where I joined the female soccer team, and I ended up running only as part of the training or part of the game.  I never enjoyed running, for the sake of running.  I hated doing laps.

Then came my post-school years.  “The Patchwerk Days”.  Post-graduation, I stopped exercising totally.  The few friends I had were larger potatoes than I am, hence needless to say, we never planned anything that requires anything more than minimal physical effort – dinner/lunch, movies, hanging out… that’s pretty much all.  (That hasn’t changed now btw… I still have potatoes as friends).  Fast-forward a little, I got into a bad relationship that I eventually managed to walk away from, and I guess I just sank into depression (while I didn’t see a doc for it so I’m not diagnosed, I can’t think of a better term to use here).  The World of Warcraft (WoW) became my only solace.  I got addicted, started raiding 6 days a week with a progression guild, and became much of a hermit.  How much physical activity aside from furiously spamming the no. keys do u think I got?  LOL


“Patchwerk want to play.”  Image credit: WoWWiki

No, I didn’t balloon to look like Patchwerk (for the record, I think he’s adorable & I want a Patchwerk plush) *keeps fingers crossed*.  I developed a flabby tummy (heck, my tummy was never flat anyway… always seems somewhat bloated), my cellulite got annoyingly visible, my thighs & arms started to have some ‘meat’ in them… but it is nothing that I can’t hide with the right clothes.  My weight probably increased like 3-4kg during my WoW days.  Well… it got worse over the last 2 years, after I started working full-time in an office position and am now at my heaviest ever.

However, It was my body fat % that worried me.  E managed to persuade me to sign up for a gym package with her in 2010, and during the introductory session, I was made to stand on this machine that detected my body fat % at like 23.5%.  WTF.  I used to be 19% during my polytechnic years.  Still, I was too lazy to do anything about it.  The gym package was a waste of money for I would go only once or twice per month, sometimes not even at all.  Even after I quit hardcore raiding on WoW, I was still too unmotivated to do anything.

Until sometime in 2012, and I have the zombies to thank for it.

I’ve got many zombie-related inspirational moments.  One that stuck to me, that I’ve repeated a couple of times over here, is Rule #1 of Zombieland: Cardio – I never forgot that, and I usually quote it to anyone who asks me why I am trying so badly to run.  The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks further reinforces the need for cardio, and so did the TV Series The Walking Dead and many other zombie movies.  Of cos, there is also the app Zombies, Run! which I bought after some deliberation.  Look, I honestly do think that Z-Day will come, and I do intend to be prepared.

Pretty sure it’s a combination of everything that got me started on running, but should I need to state a precise #GameChanger moment, I would say it’s Season 1, Mission 1 of Zombies, Run! that sealed it.  Naturally, I could not run the entire distance.  I was half walking, half jogging.  Post-session, while I fell into love with the game, I was very dissatisfied with my own performance.  While I don’t play hardcore on WoW anymore, I still am quite the competitive gamer (it’s in my blood lol).  Having to walk parts of Zombies, Run! made me feel that I’ve cheesed it… that I’m not reaping the full satisfaction from survival cos I CHEATED.


Naturally, I’ve gotta fix that!  In comes C25K.  Nope, didn’t work out.  I got bored pretty quickly, with my foot starting to hurt then, I gave up.  Then came along Zombies, Run! 5k Training.  Nailed it.  While it took longer than it was supposed to, I graduated with an outdoors run and now I can’t wait to get back outdoors again!

My foot still hurts, the insoles are causing additional pain, and it seems like it will never go away… but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and have decided that pain or no pain, I am heading outdoors again on 5 August for a run.  It’s frustrating not being able to do whatever I want whenever I want.  And am sure I am not the only person in the world who will have to live with this, and they are out there running!

Funny how things seem to have come a full circle, gaming took me off the road onto the couch (k I actually sit on my bed when I play but let’s just ignore that fact lol) and now a game has taken me back onto the road.  I NEED to complete this game proper and I NEED to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

What is your #GameChanger moment?


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