Catfish. Thoughts about Online Relationships

“Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality-based docudrama television series airing on MTV about the truths and lies of online dating. The series is based on the 2010 film Catfish and is hosted by Nev Schulman. It premiered on November 12, 2012. The second season premiered on June 25, 2013.” – Wikipedia

Am a little late, I know.  I only heard about the existence of this reality series a couple of days ago when a WordPress post tagged #running was actually more about online dating… but got me intrigued enough to continue reading and later on interested enough to read more posts tagged #online dating… one of which talked about the TV show.  Being a person who has been meeting folks online since teenage days, I was naturally curious enough to check out the first episode.  That’s it.  I got hooked.


I’ve been hearing the “horror stories” for years – how people get tricked to part with their wealth by people over the Internet; how people make a connection online only to find out the person on the other end looks nothing like their online pictures; how people trust their online friends enough to meet them at their homes and end up getting raped… etc.  I’ve also been cautioned by others to be careful of people I get to know online – most especially prior to my Sydney trip last year, when I travelled solo to meet up with my WoW mates.  That trip is one of the best vacations of my life.  I am so glad to have the opportunity to finally meet in person the people I’ve been spending so many online hours with o(^_^)o

I didn’t know what to expect from the TV Show.

My initial thoughts about the ‘victims’ were – how can someone be stupid enough to get catfished?  I mean, in this day and age, shouldn’t everyone have access to some form of video chat if he/she really wants to?  Hey, I don’t own a webcam but I daresay should the need really arise, I’ll be able to get one within a day or two.  My point is, webcams don’t really cost that much now.  Not having a webcam is not a legit excuse to not engage in video chat if you have been ‘dating’ each other for a long time.  If your partner is refusing to video chat with you, that is a huge RED FLAG waving in your face.  How can anyone not see it?  After watching like 6 episodes, I still think the same way – how can anyone be this f**king daft? @_@

dog online dating

Then the ‘perpetrators’ – why would anyone do such a thing?  I mean, pretending that you are girl in a mmorpg to get freebies is one thing (it’s disgusting but not too serious).  Getting into a relationship with another, telling the other person “I love you”, making future plans… etc. that should be considered criminal tbh.  This is not even about looks anymore.  It’s about betraying a person’s trust.  After watching 6 episodes, I still think it’s a horrible thing to do, but hearing the whys did soften my heart a little.  Some create that fake persona cos they are insecure about themselves – they do not conform to what general society feels is attractive.  I can relate to that as I feel the same, though I was never desperate enough to pretend to be someone I’m not (oi, my refusal to confess that I’m a female player in WoW does not count ok!).

Anyway, the TV show got me thinking, should stuff like that ever happen to me, how much will I  be able to accept?   Honestly?  I wouldn’t care if someone is like 100kg heavier than in the profile picture, has less hair or looks 10 years older.  It might be a tad awkward at the start, but I won’t call off the friendship for superficial reasons.  Even if should someone be outright catfishing me – totally fake profile, fake pictures, fake life story… I’ll probably be able to forgive.  But this is friendship I’m talking about.  If we were friends.  Should I be actually looking for something more, no.  I will never be able to accept dishonesty in a relationship.

That being said, yes, I do have a profile on an online dating site 😉  No I haven’t had any “luck” yet, and have only met up with ONE person from that site, twice, though I wouldn’t call those dates – I did state in my profile that I’m not specifically looking for a boyfriend, just friends and activity partners (i.e. hiking buddy, gaming buddy) as at this point of time in my Life, I don’t think I would welcome that kinda complication.  That being said, I’m not 100% closed to the idea of a relationship… should anything develop from anything at all well… what will be, will be.

For now, am more concerned about getting my account set up for FFXVI: ARR, next beta phase real soon! \(^_^)/


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  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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