Monday Evening Run

Monday Evening Run 29.07.2013

3.57km in almost 30min, and my pace actually dropped below 7.5kmph after the 2km mark.  Bleah, that’s horrible.  Not only am I not improving, I seem to be getting worse.  Arghh… gotta increase the no. of my running days and drag myself down to the gym more often for some cross training.  Am done for the week though, since I’m supposed to be taking “a couple of weeks” off.  It’s only been 12 days since I last saw the podiatrist, so rightfully the couple of weeks aren’t up yet.  As expected, my left knee felt a tad wonky after the run, and my left heel a little bruised… got better after pea-icing it though.  Ah well, guess I should get used to the pain since it probably wouldn’t go away ever.  As long as it doesn’t get worse, right? ~ /shrug

Running with the insoles didn’t feel as nasty as I expected!  tbh, I didn’t even feel them as I was so preoccupied with the Zombies, Run! storyline and am more worried about getting into a zombie chase than anything else.  Abel’s gates are down and I was paired up with Runner 8, given a noisemaker to lure the zoms away while the mech team gets stuff fixed up.  Had 3 zom chases in total – was way too tired to continue on with Abel Radio after.  Season 1 Mission 3 completed \(^_^)/

Oh… and once again, I was rewarded with pretty colors in the sky during sunset.  Will never tire of that waterfront route.  It’s right smack in the middle of the CBD, but it’s so away from the cars & main roads that though there are still a relatively good no. of people around (it’s a popular spot for couples, tourists and joggers/walkers), I can easily just… relax.

Marina promenade

Think I should start on a 10k Training Plan once I am comfortable with a 5K.  Running is so easy to get addicted to :o)


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