Kranji Countryside Run race pack get

Heh look what arrived in the post today via Singpost AM Mail…

Kranji Countryside Run 2013 - race pack

The race pack for the Kranji Countryside Run! LMAO.  I don’t know what to make of this.  On one hand, it’s so darn cute… on the other, it’s kinda hilarious.  LOL that red & blue reminds me of Mario and the pocket in the middle is just weird – where am I gonna pin the bib?  Hahahaha ~ pardon me, can’t stop laughing.  Am glad I chose to go for Kid’s Size L though… fits me just fine o(^_^)o  Now am wondering if I dare wear that on race day itself or opt for a more conservative tank top.  Mhm… there’s no sign of the lamb plushie anywhere though – hopefully it’ll be given out upon completion of the run.

Anyway, ignore what I mentioned on Tuesday about being done running for the week.  I couldn’t resist.  Went to the gym earlier and plodded 2.4k on the treadmill.  17:41.  /sigh looks like I’ll have to eat my words about hitting IPPT 2.4k Run gold by September.  Fared worse than my first attempt, but w/e, am sure with sufficient training I’ll hit my target someday.  Thankfully I love eating… so *om nom nom*


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