Yet another Monday Evening Run

03 - Half Shell Challenge Donatello #1 06.08.2013

5.19km in 37:10.  Think I did pretty fine yesterday evening o(^_^)o  Gotta mention that I turned off zombie chases on my Zombies, Run! mission this time… just wanted to see how much ‘faster’ I can jog if I kept at a more constant pace, instead of those impromptu ‘sprints’.  Haha yeah, I picked up the pace quite a bit for the last 200m or so cos the usual “running path” was closed, and hence was forced to join all the slow-moe pedestrians at the sidewalk – so I had to go a little faster to avoid them.  Didn’t feel as tired when dodging ppl :Þ

Oh am gonna count this into my Heroes in a Half Shell Challenge VR (there is NO way I can handle a half marathon in one go at this point of time – heck, I won’t even survive a 10k).  Going via alphabetical order, this will be for the Donatello medal.  Am gonna count a half as 21.1k, and now that I think about it, how in the world am I gonna finish the full thing by end 2013?  Assuming that I don’t sign up for anything more.  There are a few medals that am interested in, but I shall resist.  VRs are addictive.

Half Shell Challenge Donatello: 5.19/21.10

Anyway… what’s an evening run without a fantastic sunset to highlight it?  I’ll never tire of taking such photographs, and I hope people will never tire viewing them.  Last evening’s one was pretty spectacular tbh.  I wasn’t expecting much, considering the sky was just grey & deary when I started running.  Then it gradually got dark with none of the usual golden rays… then all of a sudden, it turned pink.  No filter necessary!


We do live in a beautiful world \(^_^)/


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