Epic Long Weekend #2: Purrzaar, Kranji Countryside Run, Phantom of the Opera

…. Continued From Part #1

Didn’t have much time to rest after the night cycle – have arranged to meet a friend to visit the Cats of the World Photo Exhibition (bugger was 25min late… rawr!!), and of cos, the Purrzaar! \(^_^)/  Walked around a little, admiring the beautifully taken cat photographs, plus I accomplished what I had really gone there to do.  I got myself a passport cover for my new(ish) passport!  The damage was S$18.00, with 20% of the sales proceeds going to the Cat Welfare Society.  Was tempted by the crocheted kitty cupcakes which were S$12.00 but despite my tiredness, my Will held up – honestly, I think it would have broken if like 80% of the sales were going to charity instead.  Felt that 20% was a tad too little, but I suppose the organizers do have overheads to cover too /shrug.

MeowCat not included!  MINE!!!

The rest of Saturday was nice & easy.  A 2hr or so nap after I got home from the Purrzaar, then dinner @ Menya Musashi + “coffee” (I had lime juice actually lol) with a friend, more Kitchen Scramble (was way too exhausted then to even start up the PS3) and went to bed slightly after 9pm.

A thunderstorm woke me up sometime about 5am.  Deciding that it was still too early and feeling too comfortable to wake, I went back under the blanket and snoozed till 6:15am.  I had to drag myself cos by then I was already kinda running late.  The 4km fun run for the Kranji Countryside Run (KCR) flag off was scheduled for 8:15am.  Runners are to report to the starting point 30min before.  There was a shuttle bus for participants from Yew Tee MRT and well… that was like a 45min MRT ride away.  Ate some sushi, changed into my “Mario tee”, packed extra clothes + towel into a shoe bag and headed out.  It was still raining pretty heavily.

At Raffles City, I could see scores of runners gathered around.  They were there for the Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2013.  I don’t deny that when I saw them, I felt a little silly wearing the KCR t-shirt.  I wished I was gonna be taking part in the KOTR instead – it has a way cooler jersey & the location is home turf.  Only problem: the shortest distance for the KOTR is 10km.  It’s outta my league right now, but I promise I’ll try hard to be able to take part next year.  Yep… even if I have to attend it alone.  Am envious of the runners I see in groups.  Wish I’ve got friends like that ._.

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the KOTR organizers have deemed it unsafe for participants and volunteers and have cancelled the race.  I can just imagine the disappointment of the runners, and I was quite worried that the KCR would end up getting cancelled too.  Since I was already like half hour into my journey, I decided to just go all the way and see what happens.  I mean… the worst case scenario is that run gets cancelled and I still get my medal & plush rite?  Some might think it’s kinda pointless to receive a medal for a race that is not run, but since I’m already doing virtual races, I can easily do the distance by myself on another day to ‘earn’ that medal too!  It’s ultimately all about being honest to myself, so am cool with that =)

Anyway, the 8km competitive run for the KCR was cancelled.  However, organizers decided to give the go ahead for the 4km fun run to start at 8:50am, with the option for the 8k runners to take part if they wish.  Free ponchos were given out to participants.  For those who were unwilling to run/walk in the rain, the medals and plushies will be given out at 9:15am.  I hesitated for a little, and eventually decided that since I’m already there, might as well just do it.  And I did.

Welcome to the latest addition to my plushie family.  Sheepie \(^_^)o


It was not too difficult a run.  I encountered one of the slopes I struggled up while cycling the morning before, and it was so much easier to jog up!  The hardest part was getting past all the walkers, some even with umbrellas!  There were so many people that I only managed to get some ‘space’ at the 2km mark.  Ugh, why can’t people be considerate enough to just keep to the side, if they gonna walk, without being told to?  And why can’t walkers have the courtesy to seed themselves at the back of the herd?  It took me almost 2min to make it to the official starting point after the gun start.  Sheesh.  As a result, my RunKeeper reads 4.12km in 30:36.  Meh.  Whatever.

KCR finishMe crossing the finishing line @ the Kranji Countryside Run 2013

That evening, was the perfect finale to a wonderful weekend – The Phantom of the Opera!

phantom tix

It was an amazing experience.  The S$128.00 ticket price (we were on the second floor) totally justified.  Have watched the movie, but listening to the music LIVE and watching the drama unfold in front of me was just… wow.  The only slight disappointment was the chandelier scene… the impact was not great enough.  I was totally impressed though, by the scene changes.  How did they manage to do things that quickly, I’ll never know, unless I somehow get hired as a stage hand for a musical (unlikely).  And that river scene… @_@ despite my logical brain knowing that it is special effects on a wooden stage, it totally looked as if the ‘boat’ was drifting on water!  Gosh.  How much work went into that production, I can only imagine.  Wicked was impressive, but this is breathtaking.  Phew ~ the cast totally deserved the standing ovation given at curtain call.  It was a shame that the people behind the scenes were not ‘revealed’ – they definitely deserved a standing o as well.

Yep, it was a lovely end to a lovely weekend.  Monday came way too soon.  Bleh!

… The End

PS.  Sheepie is named after the sheep in the quest Lost Sheepie from the World of Warcraft.  Sorry Chee Chee, I was too late to save your Sheepie, but do take comfort that I’ve slain the “stupid hozen” who did it.  Sheepie will never be forgotten, and he lives again now.


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