Dare I do a Triathlon?

Yeah I know how ridiculous it sounds. ME – someone who can even run a 5k without stopping and who barely survived a 80km bicycle ride with legs that started to turn to jello midway. Well, idk about my swimming prowess but am certain it isn’t anywhere close to making it, considering that I barely swim these days.

So what caused the development of this sudden crazy thought of… maybe I can?

I saw the following on the Running Lab’s fb status update on Tuesday:-

Scott Rigsby

On 13 October 2007, after enduring the elements for 16 hours and 43 minutes, Scott Rigsby became the first double-amputee on prosthetics in the world to finish an Ironman distance triathlon with prosthetics at the 226.2km World Championship in Hawaii, completing the marathon segment in darkness and intense pain

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that there was a time when I probably wouldn’t have given a **** about accomplishments as such. Back then, while I acknowledged that triathlons were hard I wasn’t aware HOW hard they actually are. I was of the impression that anyone could do it as long as they dedicate a certain amount of time and energy to training for it. To summarize, I underestimated the effort athletes put into what they do. Now after having to train just so I can (try to) run a pathetic 5k, I’m greatly humbled… and when I read about Scotty Rigsby’s accomplishment, I was instantly in awe. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

So why is being an Ironman a big deal? Well… let’s just put it this way. How many people in YOUR immediate social circle can actually complete a full marathon? A marathon is 26.2 mi, mind you. 42.2 km. Counted? Ok, now think of how many people do you know who can cycle 180.2km (112 mi)? Then how many who can swim 3.8km (2.4 mi)… in open water.  Finally… how many of those people can do ALL of that in a row. Oh, and participants don’t have an eternity to do it, there are certain time requirements to complete each segment that they will have to adhere to. [more info]  THAT is what a real Ironman is. Not some rich playboy with a hero complex who shoots rockets off his suit.

Anyway I googled further, took a look @ the Scott Rigsby Website, and eventually ended up on YouTube, watching the following video.


It is a story about a man, Scott Rigsby, who lost both his right leg in a traffic accident and eventually had his left leg amputated. Inspiration struck him one day when he read about Sarah Reinertsen, the first female leg amputee to complete the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, on Runner’s World. Not to sound totally cliché but the rest is just history and today, Rigsby gives courage and inspiration to others, amputees and able-bodied alike, with that he did.

I have also since googled more about Sarah Reinertsen, and I gotta say that she is one remarkable woman \(^_^)/

Triathlete Sarah Reinertsen [Credit: Fitness.com]

THEN, yesterday, Shape Magazine posted about the upcoming Cold Storage Triathlon 2013 on fb. Being my usual curious self, I went to check it out and am instantly attracted by the Mini Triathlon category. 200m swim, 10km Bike, 2km run – I think I can do this! The only reason that is preventing me from going ahead to sign up is that I don’t have a decent bicycle. Sure, I suppose I COULD use Reddie (yes, I have named my mtb since yesterday LOL) for the 10km… but if I do, will I be able to ‘survive’ the 2km run after especially given that I’m already wary of the swim segment at the start?

28 September 2013 is still slightly more than a month away, so there is the chance that I’ll be able to get a foldie by then. Plus there is always the option of renting a mountain bike (S$35.00) or a road bike (S$80.00) for the race – I’d seriously be more comfortable with something of my own though! There is a finisher’s medal even for the mini so… argghh more bling = tempting!

PS. Should I not make it for the triathlon this year, or even if I do, here’s promising myself that I will take part in the Sprint Category (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) in 2014… that is if I am not scheduled to be on vacation somewhere. There! I’ve said it! d(^_^)o


4 responses to “Dare I do a Triathlon?

  1. Why not if you put the training in? It sounds like a big commitment though, good luck!

  2. Yeah it will certainly be a huge commitment. The mini triathlon should be manageable even with my current fitness level – will just need to head to the pool more often & hope that I can wing it somehow. Will try my utmost to take part in the Sprint category next year though… anything further, am too lazy haha 🙂

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