The Color Run™ – The Happiest 5k on the Planet

Singapore’s very FIRST Color Run was held in Sentosa over the past weekend and I was sooOOoo glad that I’ve had the opportunity to  be part of it!  Phew ~ to think I was contemplating selling my spot off when my friend didn’t manage to register in time.  Thank goodness another friend “came to the rescue” as there were still spots for CIMB credit card holders.  Would I have gone alone?  No.  It would have been the most depressing 5k of my life if I’d have gone solo – a stark reminder of how I’m living the Forever Alone lifestyle LOL (No kidding, this topic actually came up in our ‘party’ during the walk & everyone pretty much agreed).

pre-runThe “Sexy Six” looking fresh & clean prior to run commencement!

Yesh, from almost having to sell of my ticket, to being part of the “Sexy Six” (I have no idea who coined this term for our bunch, and tbh it sounds a little tacky but what the heck, we were having fun!) taking part in the run… it was indeed a great day!  The most wonderful thing?  I never knew the other 3 ladies till yesterday and it was amazing how much fun we actually had together!  And yep, we are now friends on facebook.  Have also joined the Meetup group that they belong to so I daresay I’ll be seeing them again sometime in the future o(^_^)o

pink zone

As advertised, everyone got color everywhere.  “Runners” (I placed the inverted commas cos face it, most people were walking, laughing and cam-whoring instead of even jogging LOL) had colors tossed at time from the start and were flagged off in batches.  After every km, we arrive at a “color zone” where colored powder of that zone was tossed at us by the volunteers.  Oh… and trust me, it weren’t just the volunteers tossing the coloring.  Participants were scooping the powder off the floor and scattering them on their friends, on strangers, and everywhere.  There were people rolling on the ground to get more color, people lying down for photo shots… etc.

after blueTaking a photo break after the Blue Zone

We had pink, blue, yellow & red – in that particular order.  Aside from wearing a poncho (there were 2 ladies doing that and I seriously question why where they even there in the first place!) and avoiding bumping into people completely, I’d say there’s no way one can stay pristine.  After the first zone, everyone started looked the same, and imo, that’s the beauty of it.

aftermathIt’s Sentosa.  Of cos we had to take a pic at the beach!

By the time we reached the end point, most of us were pretty much… purple.  LOL yeah, purple.  Cos some ‘genius’ had the idea of tossing water at people, causing the powder to dissolve and the colors to mix.  Honestly?  Bad idea dude.  Really.  My t-shirt would have looked better with the colors separate and vibrant T_T

finish line

Heh.  That’s pretty much how most people went home btw, even via public transport.  I pretty much only briefly washed my face and arms – the colors come out from the skin quite easily… except the pink.  Even now, after 3 showers, there’s a streak of pink across my right wrist & and circular patch around my underarm area.  Hey, not that I mind though!  Makes a good conversation starter!

And yesss… of cos am gonna try preserve the color on my tee.  Have hung it out to dry naturally, and hopefully it won’t stink.  Hahaha, have the intention to frame it up sometime, along with the running bib, (snipped) wrist tag and the shades… and hang it on the wall.  A reminder of the Happiest 5k I’ve ever taken part in.  Can’t wait for 2014!  \(^_^)/

Color Run collage

Credit for photographs: Tan Siew Luan
Instagram collage: Mine =)


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