Friday Evening Run by the Bay



Looking at my overall time and my splits, last Friday’s run was quite the disappointment =( My left knee started hurting right off the bat – probably due to sitting down and pretty much unmoving @ a desk the entire work day (I always ache all over by midday… my back, my knee, my foot… etc.), but I pushed on and it did get better quite quickly. However, I was unable to keep a good constant pace and was forced to take a walk about the 3km mark. /sigh My pace did pick u a little after the walk break, but unfortunately it dipped again quite quickly. Guess the heat earlier in the evening kinda got to me afterall ~ lol yeah, excuses much eh?

I do understand that some people incorporate walk breaks into their running. While I agree that it’s a great idea and that I’ll definitely do the same, should I start training for a 10k or longer, I honestly think that 5k is too short a distance to be applying that method. Took a look at the run-walk-run ratio on Jeff Galloway’s website. 8kph converts to like 12min/mi so based on the suggestion, I will be doing a 2min run/1min walk – a little too much walking, if you ask me. That being said, I’m open to giving it a try o(^_^)o

Some things never change though. Once again, I was playing Zombies, Run! and I’ll be counting this into my Heroes in a Half Shell Challenge VR which currently stands at…

Half Shell Challenge Donatello: 10.23/21.10

And the best part of dragging myself out for an evening run?  Sunset by the bay never disappoints.

As seen from the Marina Barrage #nofilter

PS. Haven’t been updating much these days cos I’m totally addicted to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Been “mugging” since Early Access on 24 Aug and I don’t see myself slowing down for the next week or two. Pretty sure that translates to little or no exercise hours clocked but whatever, my brain needs the workout too and I haven’t been this hyped for a while already! \(^_^)/

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