Going Vertical

It kinda feels as if I’ve signed my own Death warrant… in a good way.

Been waiting for registration to open for ages, and when it finally did, I didn’t hesitate!  I clicked the “Register” button on the website, keyed in my details + the details of my buddy for that day, entered my debit card details and just like that… I AM TAKING PART IN THE SWISSOTEL VERTICAL MARATHON 2013!!!!!!  *excited* \(^o^)/

With 73 floors, standing at 226m, Swissôtel The Stamford is till date, Singapore’s highest building.  Back when I was a kid, I knew it as the second tallest building in Singapore as well… but over the years, more buildings have sprung out and it is now ranked #14 [source].  Granted that it might seem like a “baby” compared to the 163 floors, 828m tall Burj Khalifa (imagine a doing a vertical marathon up that!), but hey ~ it’s gonna be the highest building I have ever scaled!

1,336 steps in total.  I can, I must, I will.  Completion is not the only goal.  I have to make it in good time lest I miss the Sunrise.

home_banner_01Credit: Swissotel Vertical Marathon Website

Yep ~ the Sunrise is at stake here!  For the first time ever, the Sunrise Team Challenge category is implemented.  Limited to the first 50 pairs of any gender (I am sooOOOoo glad that I managed to find someone to join me!), participants will be able to view the Singapore central business district area from the hotel’s helipad… against the sunrise!  OMG how awesome does that sound?  Judging from the awesome sunsets that I’ve been fortunate to experience around the area, I daresay sunrise will definitely not disappoint!

The flag off is scheduled for 6:40am.  Looking @ how the rising time is 6:50am on that morning, it gives me a 10min window to conquer the 73 floors.  Mission: F**king Impossible, considering that I already took >20min for the 40 floors during the National Vertical Marathon T_T  Here is keeping fingers crossed that I’ll be able to “summit” early enough to see at least part of the sunrise, not till after the sun is already way up in the sky.

Argh that means I’ll need to TRAIN.  3 months.  I’ve got this.

What: Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2013
When: Sunday 24 November 2013
To Register: [Official Website]

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