More Virtual Races

Was searching for real life runs (that offer a medal) for Oct, Nov & Dec since my run schedule seems a little sparse, but could not find anything suitable.  /sigh would love to take part in this year’s Great Eastern Women’s Run but I’ll be in Tokyo @ that time… ah well ~ next year!  There’s also the Standard Chartered Marathon, but the shortest distance they have is 10k, not in my comfort zone at the moment.  And… the Pioneer Run is already filled.  Gotta be quicker with registrations next year!

No prizes for guessing that I turned to the next best alternative – the virtual races 😉

Tried so hard to resist signing up for more but when I saw the “follow-up” medals to the Cheshire Challenge, I knew I had to get them.  It doesn’t matter that there are cheaper options out there, and that some organizers aren’t even charging extra for International shipping.  I just have to complete the set.  /sigh that is so coming out of my “vacation fund”.

Red Queen Run Virtual Race | Lazarex Cancer Foundation | 8-15 Nov 2013

Red Queen

Running Down the Rabbit Hole Virtual Race | ASPCA | 15-22 Nov 2013


One week each to complete each run and like the Cheshire Challenge, there is an option for 5k, 10k & Half Marathon.  Perfect timing since the weeks are right after my Tokyo vacation and just before the Swissotel Vertical Marathon.  Can’t wait to receive the medals o(^_^)o

2 responses to “More Virtual Races

  1. Those medals are awesome!! :0) I can’t wait for you to receive the medals too!

  2. I know right? so cute 🙂

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