Sub-30min 5K Training Plan

Stumbled upon a Sub-30min 5k training plan, designed by Jeff Galloway, on Run Keeper that I reckon would be beneficial to embark on.  Selected 8 September 2013 as the start date (to give myself some mental prep) and my schedule is as follows…

Sub30-5k ITraining Plan Week 1-4

Sub30-5k IITraining Plan Week 4-8

Not too sure if I’ll have the determination required for the commitment (especially now with FFXIV: ARR), but I suppose I’ll try.  Chances are I’ll end up ‘modifying’ the training days based on my mood and other plans, but unlike how I procrastinated with Z5K, I’ll try completing this on schedule.

Anyway… I’m too cheap to actually purchase the plan I suppose I’ll just time and pace myself manually.  Not to mention, I’ll have to convert everything over to the metric system.

Seriously (ffs) why hasn’t everyone converted over to metric yet?


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