Tuesday Evening Run

I almost didn’t make it out of the house for this one – the temptation to just stay home to watch yet another episode of Dollhouse while trying to logon to FFXIV: ARR was immense.  Thankfully, I must have rolled a high d20 as I passed my Will save and as a result, had one of my best runs till date \(^o^)/


5.25km in 38:06.  I didn’t attain a new pb, but for the first time ever, I managed to jog (albeit very slowly) the entire distance without walking!  It might not seem much to seasoned runners, but I do count that as an achievement!  Phew ~ with that, my Heroes in a Half Shell Challenge Donatello is now at 15.48/21.10 – one more slightly-longer-than-usual run and it’ll be done!

Am quite excited about starting the Sub-30min 5K Training Plan next week, and am hoping that I’m not setting myself up for a disappointment as I do expect to see an improvement on my 5k timing at the end of it.  Oh… I didn’t mention it, did I?  The final workout, race day, is the day of the postponed Shape Run!   Ooooo am so looking forward to a new pb on that day o(^^,)o

Anyway, sunset wasn’t very impressive on Tuesday evening – still beautiful, but not so much so that I’d stop to take a picture, so here is a night scene instead… taken after my jog.



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