Tampines Run 2013

So nearly didn’t make it for the Tampines Run 2013 – would have kicked myself if I missed it ._.

It was a rainy morning – the perfect temperature for sleeping, and I only went to bed the night before past 1:00.  The alarm was set to ring at 5:30 and again at 6:00.  My intention was to have some canned soup for breakfast, take a shower and leave home at about 6:45.  Reporting time for all runners was 7:30, and my 4.3km fun run was scheduled for flag-off at 8:20.  I must have subconsciously reached out to turn my phone off when the alarm sounded, for I finally woke at 6:45 @_@!!  At that point of time, it was so tempting to just roll over and go back to sleep, but the thought of missing out on a medal finally got me up and moving.

Tampines Run medal[Credit: Tampines West CC Facebook Page]

Had no luck with flagging down a cab at that hour, in the rain, and ended up taking public transport.  I arrived at the race site at about 8:00 (to see the 10km runners flag-off) – had just enough time to meet up with my friend, deposit my baggage and head to the starting pen.

The first km was painful, dodging walkers (starting off at a walk… seriously?!) and trying to avoid the puddles on the ground… by the next km, the crowd cleared slightly and by the third I started to pick up the pace a little.  The last 500m was a breeze, managed to get into “run speed” and it felt good crossing the finish line \(^_^)/


4.35km in 31:14.  Nothing impressive… am not RUNNING yet, but I think I’m getting there.  It’s getting easier to ignore the inner voice that tells me to stop and start walking.

Looking forward to starting my sub-30min 5K training plan this week!  Will be doing Workouts 1 & 2 on Wed & Fri respectively instead of Tues & Thurs, and Workout 3 will have to be replaced by the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run (6km fun run) on Sunday.  It’s slightly more than the 5k required but I guess I’ll just do the recommended run-walk method for the first 5k, and then jog the remaining 1k.  Can’t wait to see how that affects the overall timing 😀

Tampines Run


2 responses to “Tampines Run 2013

  1. Well done. Good luck in your upcoming races. You may find it easier to not walk at all. A slow jog is better than a walk. But each to his/ her own. Enjoy.

  2. I would prefer not to have to walk at all too, but since I’ve heard so many good stuff about the Galloway method, thought I’d just give it a try and see how things go 🙂

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