Sub-30min 5K Workout 1 of 22

Successfully completed Workout 1 of 22 of the Sub-30min 5K Training Plan last evening at the gym.  Have decided that I will be doing most of the workouts on the treadmill as it is easier to keep track of the time & distance on the machine vs looking down at my phone every now and then outdoors.

Workout 1 is straight-forward.  Designed to be completed in 20min, it consists of 4 sets of 4min steady (run), 1min slow (walk).

Started off the first set with doing my steady at 9kph and slow at 5.5kph.  I felt fine, but considering that I’ve always only jogged on the treadmill at 7.5kph and the occasional 8kph while doing my Z5K, I doubted my ability to hold the 9kph pace throughout, and decided to go for a more regular 8.5kph steady and 5.5kph slow for the second set.  Then I felt that I should really try to venture outside my comfort zone if I want this to happen, that I should really be pushing myself harder.  Sets 3 & 4 were done at the pace of Set 1.

In total, I covered 3.10km in 25min.  The additional 5min came from a 3min warm-up walk at 5kph and a 2min cool-down walk at 5kph & 4.5kph.

Workout 1 of 22

Adding this into my Half Shell Challenge: Donatello (Total: 18.58/21.10) or I’ll never make it by the end of 2013.

tbh, I did wonder if I should be increasing my pace for my steady runs or do them at my usual speed of 8-8.5kph (judging from my RunKeeper splits).  I eventually reckoned though, that since running outdoors is more difficult than that on the treadmill, I should push it higher when I’m on the treadmill.  I was pretty breathless at the end of the run segment of my final set, but I still felt ok – am not about to faint, throw up or anything… so I suppose that is a good sign.  My legs aren’t aching today either.  9kph for steady it is then.

Today is a free day.  Have yet to decide whether I should be lazy and play FFXIV (assuming I can logon… if I can’t then I can go check out Patch 5.4 content in WoW), go for a yoga class or do some steps climbing to prep myself for the Swissôtel Vertical Marathon in November.  Ugh… I need a vertical marathon training plan.

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