It’s Amy and Fik-shun! \(^_^)/

SYTYCD S10 winners[Image Credit: Ok! Magazine]


Oops =X  Kinda outta character there for a bit.  I barely do that squee-thing (lol) but I couldn’t help it when I watched Amy & Fik-shun get crowned SYTYCD Season 10 winners!  Okay, that was late in the night (watched it Wednesday at about 11pm) so I did a mental SQUEE but hey ~ a squee is a squee!

Gosh ~ They are totally my favorite couple this season!  I mean… don’t you think they look absolutely CUTE?  It’s just one of those kinda magical partnerships ( the other couple that I totally loved was Season 8’s Melaine & Marko <3).  That when you watch them perform together, you can’t help but fall in love with them.  Mhmm… yeah they probably got lucky with choreography that allows them to display their amazing personalities, but even for dance styles that aren’t “cutesy” (i.e. the pasodoble, contemporary), they still manage to light up the stage.  Remember that Viennese Waltz number they did?  Beautiful.

Yeah I’d agree with the critics that they might not be the season’s best dancers, but to hell with that.  The competition is for America’s favorite dancers.

If it were really for the best dancers, imo, Alan wouldn’t even be in the Top 4 – pretty sure Paul and Tucker have better technique… come to think of it, I was kinda expecting Paul to be in the finale.  As for the girls, there are really strong and memorable competitors this season – Jenna, Mackenzie, Hayley, Malece… and of cos Jasmine Harper.  Jasmine is gorgeous, really… and I think it could have gone either way.  Those who insist that Amy isn’t a great dancer, should just go shoot themselves in the head, have you even seen her solos?  Gosh ~ the power and precision she has is whoah!

lol alright, gotta calm down now, though am sure I’ll be watching SYTYCD routines through my entire lunch break later.  Here’s my favorite by Amy & Fik-shun…

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