Sub-30min 5K Workout 2 of 22

Completed Friday evening, 13 September 2013.

Workout 2 of 22 was slightly more challenging than Workout 1.  It begins with an “easy run” of 5 minutes as a warm up – was supposed “to do 4-8 accelerations building up to work out speed” but being not too comfortable with changing my pace on the treadmill that often that quickly, instead, I started off walking at 5kph and eventually ended off at a slow jog of 7.5kph.

Next up were 4 sets of 0.4km Fast (“5-8 seconds faster than you want to run each quarter mile) + 0.25km Slow (walk).  Calculated that should I wish to do a 5k in 30min, I should be holding a constant of 10kph.  No idea how much quicker 5-8 secs is, but 10kph to me was already kinda borderline insanity since I generally don’t go over 8.5kph.  Besides… my body and hamstrings were aching a little, due to the yoga the evening before.

I took the lazy way out.  Started my 1st 0.4km with 9.5kph.  Felt fine.  Subsequent “Fast” sections were then done @ 10kph.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I lived \(^_^)/  The 0.25km walk sections helped heaps.  I am starting to see why the Galloway walk-run-walk method is so popular.  It breaks the distance up into  bite-sized portions, making it more manageable for beginner runners – gives us something to look forward to too!

That being said, am still unconvinced that there is ‘room’ for walking during a short 5k – pretty sure it be better to do a 9kph throughout the entire distance vs doing a 10kph + walking.


Anyway, Workout 2 + warm-up and cool-down gave me another 3.2km for my Half Shell Challenge: DonatelloTotal: 21.78/21.10 o(^^.)b DONE!!!

Sub-30min 5K Training Plan

3 responses to “Sub-30min 5K Workout 2 of 22

  1. Love reading about your progress. I managed to do a 33 minute 5km run yesterday, sub 30 is the aim! Good luck.

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