Sub-30min 5K Workout 3 of 22

Phew ~ managed to stay on track for a week (despite FFXIV: ARR calling out to me all the time), 7 more weeks to hang in there for.  As planned, Workout 3 was completed in accordance with the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.  Much as I’d love to have done it on a separate day, there are just so many days in a week, and I rather not be running on consecutive days.

Workout 3 is a 3 mile (5km) ‘long run’ that consists of 4 sets of 0.8km steady (run), 0.4km slow (walk).

As I felt that 0.4km of walking is way more than I require, and since the run was supposed to be 6km, I intended to do 6 sets of 0.8km steady @ 9.5kph, 0.2km slow @ 5.5kph instead.  That plan pretty much went *poof* within the first km of the run.

LOL ~ no kidding.  It was totally impossible to maintain a constant pace when running outdoors, much less when running with hundreds of other people.  Not to mention, it was annoying having to glance at my phone that often to see what pace I was at.  I did that for the first 500m probably – noticed myself going as fast as 10.6kph while overtaking and as slow as 7.5kph when the road was pretty much blocked by my fellow plodders.  Rawr… running was supposed to be stress relieving, not stressful!

I pretty much gave up tracking after I had a quick casual conversation with a middle-aged dude (whom I later found out is my country’s deputy Prime Minister – yes, my ignorance is appalling), preventing me from checking my pace during those few minutes.  Well… not that I could have maintained a constant 9.5kph at the slopes anyway.  I ended up jogging along at whatever I felt was comfortable, then talking walk breaks whenever I needed – mostly during the down slope portions.  Yeah it might seem a little weird, considering running down slope would be considerably easier, but I decided that I didn’t want to stress my left knee too much.

Anyway ~ today is gonna be a rest day… am gonna just casually walk home from work (about 2km), and take the stairs up to my apartment, then spend rest of the evening in front of the PC.  Maybe I’ll work on Heather, maybe I’ll level as much as I can on FFXIV /shrug whatever.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout already! o(^_^)o


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