Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2013: The Road to Acceptance

It’s not just a run.  It’s a journey to inspire the right moves.

Running is great, but running for a cause makes it even more awesome!  In support of the Yellow Ribbon Project, thousands got out of bed early on a Sunday morning, turned up at Changi Village and participated in this year’s Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.  Am pleased as punch to say that I was one of them, despite still having mixed feelings regarding Second Chances \(^_^)/

The weather was perfect – cloudy, relatively cool (for Singapore standards, that is – I didn’t check the exact temperature but I’d estimate it to be about 28°C), no rain.  The route was slightly challenging due to the few slopes, and the crowd was a little overwhelming, but I had a great run.


5.5km in 40:20.  No idea why it showed 5.5k btw, since it was supposed to be a 6k run… maybe I cut some corners unknowingly while overtaking the walkers… and my time was a little inaccurate, as I forgot to stop my RunKeeper @ the finish line (was taking photographs).  Did remember to check my time at the 5km mark and it showed 35:08.  Am certain that is my best time for a 5k so far.  Sure, I could have done better, had to walk some parts due to the slopes and a slight tummy discomfort, but I’m pleased.

Note to self:  Gotta integrate some elevation into my training runs & to spend some time on the porcelain throne prior to future runs.

The post-run carnival at the end point was pretty interesting, with the highlight of it being the formation of a giant human yellow ribbon!  Unfortunately I missed taking part in it when I was queuing up at the baggage retrieval counter – had to queue twice cos the first time I went to the wrong colored counter, thanks to a volunteer telling me that I can queue at any one (=.=)*

What I didn’t miss though… was IRON MAN!!

YRPR 2013 Iron Manarrgghh my hair is so messy T_T

Well… okay, he was more like Styrofoam man, but what the heck!  I just had to take a picture o(^^,)o

According to the Yellow Ribbon Project fb page, Wolverine made an appearance too, but I didn’t manage to find him in the crowd 😦

Oh ~ also at the carnival was a small little counter selling items handmade by inmates.  There were gift cards, bookmarks, some other stuff and adorable sock dolls.  Telling myself that I’m supporting a good cause, I gave in to my weakness for plushies and went home with BlackBlack.  Here is him, with the bling from the race =)

YRPR 2013 bling

PS.  Have done Workout 3 of 22 of the Sub-30min 5K Training Plan with this run, my notes about that later…


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