I Need a Vertical Marathon Training Plan

Fact: I will only have 2 weeks, upon returning from Tokyo, to prepare for the Swissôtel Vertical Marathon

I knew it was gonna be close… but I didn’t realize (or refused to admit to myself) that it’s gonna be this close.  Considering that I’ll be working on the sub-30min 5k plan till end Sep, that will leave me a total 3 weeks.  Though I’m certain that the workouts that I’ve done and will be doing as part of the plan does add up as training, am also pretty sure that I’ll have to be doing more for a Vertical Marathon.  Running vertical and running “long distance” are really quite different!

Remind me why I signed up for that thing again?

Oh yes… right… I don’t need to win it.  I just need to make it up in time for the ultimate prize – the sunrise from the hotel’s helipad.  That means I can’t just do it leisurely.  I need a plan.

Shortest one I’ve managed to google is a 4-week training plan designed by Suzanne (Suzy) Elizabeth Walsham.  This crazy (compliment!) lady is a 7 time winner of the Swissôtel Vertical Marathon Women’s Open and holder of the best record time of 7 minutes, 51.75 seconds. [source]  Gosh… in 8 minutes I would have probably reached my home.  On the 15th floor.  Anyway I suppose I can work with the plan but skipping Week 2 (vacation) and going directly to Week 3 when I return.  Argh!

In a nutshell, I’ll need to do stairs… loads of stairs.  Leg squats (oops… I still gotta restart that 30 Day Squat Challenge someday), leg lunges, heel raises, core exercises (am thinking yoga & Pilates), and some arm strength training for the handrails.


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