Sub-30min 5K Workout 4 of 22

I was distracted during yesterday evening’s workout.  Initial plan was to do my 30min + some (warm-up & cool-down), rest a little, attend Pilates class at 7:30pm, shower & do a quick dinner before catching Riddick at 9:30pm.  Didn’t happen.  Was told that the Pilates class was full and that the only way I’ll be able to do it is if someone doesn’t show – apparently prior reservation at the PS branch was mandatory (I usually attend classes at City Square Mall and reservation is never necessary).  /shrug I’m a control freak.  I don’t like it when plans don’t turn out so I was thinking about how to proceed after the run, throughout the entire run.

I was so distracted that I forgot I was supposed to do my steady @ 9kph.  I turned the treadmill up to 9.5kph instead and was feeling it by the second set – it was only then I realized my blunder /facepalm.  The good thing though, was that I saw it through… despite my mind constantly telling me that I wouldn’t be able to make it.  I was hugely tempted to tune it down to 9kph by my third set, but I didn’t.  I completed all 5 sets doing 9.5kph steady, and 5.5kph slow.  Mental victory! \(^_^)/

I was so distracted that I forgot to take a pic of the treadmill upon completion of the workout.  I vaguely remember the distance reading 3.1-ish during the 3rd… or was it 4th set.  /shrug doesn’t matter I suppose.  Since I subscribe to a ‘screenshot or it didn’t happen’ code, am not gonna count those km in any of my Virtuals.  No biggie =)

Oh anyway ~ Workout 4 is similar to Workout 1… only with an additional set.  5 sets of 4:00 steady (run), 1:00 slow (walk).  Workout 5

Sub-30min 5K Training Plan


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