Sub-30min 5K Workout 5 of 22

Awritey… am almost 1/4 done!  Still staying on track, surprisingly (^^,)

Workout 5 is basically Workout 2, but longer.  2 sets longer.  0.4km fast, followed by a 0.25km slow for the body to recover.

Did all but one of the Fast segments at 10kph.  The 3rd one, I decided to rev it up to 10.5kph just to try out.  Not good.  It felt as if I pushed too hard.  Didn’t even fully recover after the 0.25km walk section.  Granted that I will have to eventually do the entire run at >10kph should I wish to complete within 30min, I reckon I should just take it gradual.  Honestly?  I’ll be glad to even come closer to the 30min mark.  Any progress is progress, and should I need too, I have no qualms doing this entire Training Plan over again next year… for an even better timing =)

Left heel is hurting more than usual ever since I started increasing the frequency of my running.  #!%&~* to plantar fasciitis.  Am considering taking the entire December off after am done with the Swissotel Vertical Marathon late November, and simply cross train (e.g. elliptical, swimming, cycling… with yoga & Pilates) till I start a 10km plan in Jan 2014.

08 - Half Shell Challenge Leonardo #1 20.09.2013

Half Shell Challenge: Leonardo – Total 4.5/21.10

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