Mushroom Garden Deluxe

Stumbled upon the above video via an article on RocketNews24 and my initial thought was – eh this looks familiar.  THEN I realized where I saw it.  Ages ago, I played this mushroom growing game on my iphone, and I remember that I kinda liked it.  However, as I ran outta space I ended up deleting game apps that do not have an Achievement List on Game Center, and it did not survive the purge.  Needless to say, over time, I forgot all about it.  Until today.  Watching the video made me develop a ridiculous desire to start growing mushrooms again!  This time, I’ll hopefully manage to “complete” the game by unlocking 100% of the mushrooms available.  I do have an item on my 35 before 35 List that requires me to complete 10 different games on any platform after all 😉

SoooOOOoo it was off to the Apple Store and to my surprise, along with the original app, there is Mushroom Garden: Seasons & Mushroom Garden Deluxe.  A quick google led me to the Wikia, revealing that Mushroom Garden Deluxe is “the 3rd game in the […] series”, released by Beeworks games, in July 2012.

I downloaded both, and started playing them.  It was Mushroom Garden Deluxe though, that captured most of my attention.

Like both the Original and Seasons, the purpose of the game is growing mushrooms (duh) in your Garden and the different types of mushrooms that you have cultivated are recorded in the Library.  Unlike the first 2 games though, Deluxe comes with different types of Logs (the base where you “plant” your shrooms) – each Log comes with its own library list and they can be leveled up!  The Library also includes a medal system… Bronze, Silver, + Gold, for each shroom, unlocked by harvesting a certain no. of that particular type.

Garden & LibraryFrigging cute or what?  ❤

The Lab stays the same.  It’s merely where you go to purchase upgrades using NP, the currency you get when you harvest your funghi.  Players get to upgrade their Heat Lamp (affects funghi rarity), Warmer (prevents funghi from withering), Humidifier (affects rate of growth) as well as purchase new logs and disposables (one time use items that grant certain time-limited buffs).

Lab Upgrades

One of the large “upgrades” to the game would be the Lab Requests… a.k.a. mini-goals for players to attain that also works as a guide of sorts for players who find themselves “lost” in an open-ended game as such.  Completion of the requests awards players with NP, disposables, the unlocking of equipment (i.e. new humidifiers, logs… etc.), and of course, further requests!

Furthermore, The Event of September introduces a new system – Breeding.  Upon getting your Normal Log to Lv. 15, Breeding-related requests will start to appear.  And yep, those requests too serve to provide assistance for players to get started.  Breeding is a breeze.  Simply fulfill the conditions required for the new shroom to grow and it will just sprout magically.  Yeah, it is that simple.

Breeding & Requests

The part I am most pleased about is the integration of an Achievement List.  Register for an account, using your email address or facebook, with BeeConnect  w00t ~ imo, ALL games these days should come with achievements.  It’s all about the epeen \(^^,)

And oh, there is also a Leaderboard with Rankings, but that isn’t much of a big deal since the way I see it, the max score is 100,000,000 and it is already flooded with early players who attained it all the way till Rank 30 as of yesterday (23/09/2013).  Subsequent ranks are players with scores all the way into the millions as well, hence am pretty sure that there is no way a newbie player can “catch up” without cheating.


My thoughts?  I like it.  It’s free, cute, addictive at the start (like most other casual games), and really simple to play – perfect for those brain-dead moments, though honestly I find myself checking my phone more than necessary for the past few days!  While I daresay my current obsession with harvesting will wane within the week, this time, with the implementation of an achievement list, Mushroom Garden Deluxe is definitely here to stay in my phone.  Now am just hoping that it will be integrated with Game Center \(^_^)/

PS. No, am not paid to post this.  I don’t merely talk about running all the time, you know?  😉


4 responses to “Mushroom Garden Deluxe

  1. It looks awesome, I guess I’ll give it a try 🙂

  2. Can you send me how to breed mushroom as i only can breed the ones in the given info ,so far i can only breed 4

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