Sub-30min 5K Workout 7 of 22

Into the 3rd week now and I’m still in synch with the Training Plan.  Great!  Completed Workout 7 last evening, will be attempting Workout 8 on Friday and then Workout 9 on Sunday after a morning hike.

A build-up of Workout 4, Workout 7 consists of 6 sets of 4:00 steady (run), 1:00 walk… the max no. of sets for workouts of this “type” in the Plan.

Started off with a simple 5mim warm-up walk from 4.5kph to 5kph, and ran Sets 1-3 as planned – 4:00 at 9.5kph steady, 1:00 at 5.5kph slow.  For some reason that I haven’t figured, I was not performing too well that day and my Will faltered a couple of times.  Just one of those sluggish days, I suppose.  Felt the difficulty after Set 2 and just barely caught my breath after Set 3’s walk segment.  Set 4 & 5 were then done as 4:00 at 9.5kph steady, 2:00 at 5.5kph slow, and I skipped the walk part of Set 6, going directly into cool-down at 5.0kph for the first minute, then 4.5kph for the remainder.

Am not too pleased with myself, and am keeping fingers crossed that I’ll be in better form tomorrow as Workout 8 is gonna be heck of a challenge, though not the worst to come.  Will try sleeping a little earlier tonight, after a casual swim in the evening, and hope that helps.


Half Shell Challenge: Leonardo – 16.33/21.10


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