Sub-30min 5K Workout 8 of 22

I’m struggling.

Workout 8 is 8 sets of 0.4km Fast (10kph), 0.25km Slow (5.5kph).

Was gasping for breath by the mid-point and the last 2 sets got me just steeling it thru’.  While I understand that runners should get out of their comfort zones and get comfortable in the uncomfortable zone, I can’t help but wonder if I’m trying to do too much too soon.  My feet f**king hurt.  Both of them.  My left heel, of course, thanks to the nasty plantar fasciitis… and now, even my right mid-foot is hurting – feels like a bruise or something.  Argh.

I googled the general timing people take to finish a 5K yesterday afternoon.  Wish I didn’t.  It was demoralizing reading forum posts on MFP about people saying they did their 1st 5K at 33min and is now doing them at an easy sub-28min – based on their profile pics, these people are older than me and don’t look very fit (sorry).  It was demoralizing reading how the general timing for females is 29min+.  It was demoralizing reading how someone mentioned that a person of “reasonable fitness” should get a 30min timing without trying too hard.

Am I really that weak?

It doesn’t help that I kinda have the physique of an athlete.  People who look at me often assume that I’m the “sporty” type – what?  cos I’m petite, relatively tanned (compared to the general female population here) don’t put on make-up and prefer to wear tank tops, jeans, shorts and sandals?  I have many acquaintances ask me if I rock climb when they first meet me.  I can see the disbelief in their faces when I tell them I’m actually a couch potato who spends 3/4 of my free time on video games and watching crime dramas.

That somehow makes me feel as if I gotta prove myself.  That I gotta live up to the image I portray.  And that, makes me a tad disappointed that I’m unable to even finish a 5K w/o puffing and panting like I’ve got an asthma attack (I’m not asthmatic btw), that I’m unable to do it within the ‘general time’.

Doesn’t help that when once, I told someone that I’m trying to run and work towards a 5K, he told me that it isn’t difficult… it’s only 5k, no big deal (this guy isn’t a runner btw).  And I know that for seasoned runners, a 5K is a mere warm-up to them.  So why the heck am I finding it so hard?  Am I not meant to be doing this at all cos I’m physically incapable of doing so for some reason? /wrist.

/sigh.  On top of all that, am unsure if I’ll be able to fit in Workout 9 this week, as scheduled… or whether I should even try.  I just ran last evening, my feet hurt, I honestly don’t feel like doing a fast 1 mile today.  Then I found out last night that my hike tomorrow is approximately 11.5km.  It’s been a while since I hiked, and considering this is a training session for peeps who are going for a Malaysia hike, the pace isn’t gonna be comfortable.  I wonder if I’m in a condition decent enough to do my run after.

Blahhh… apologizes for all that whining and negativity.  I know running should be a positive sport but am just feeling kinda disappointed with my progress, or rather, the lack of.  Not even knowing that I’ve “earned” my Leonardo medal is making it feel better… in fact it feels worse knowing that people run that distance in one go.  Me?  I had to break it into 4  parts.  OTL

11 - Half Shell Challenge Leonardo #4 27.09.2013

Half Shell Challenge: Leonardo – 22.03/21.10


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