Sub-30min 5K Workout 9 of 22 – FAIL


I had an inkling I wouldn’t be able to see this through, and much as I’d love to prove myself wrong, I didn’t make it.

Workout 9 is a 1.61km (1 mi.) fast run.

Despite being a little tired with both my feet hurting from the hike at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (“BTNR”) earlier that morning, I dragged myself to the gym right after – well, figured that I might as well get everything over & done with instead of going home then coming out again.  I planned to do a quick 1.61km @ 10kph, a little upper body workout with the weight machines before relaxing for the day.

The run was a disaster.

I could only hold 10kph for 600m before my feet (yes, FEET) hurt so bad, I had to quit.  I ended up walking 200m, then running another 400m before totally giving up.  My left arch had the now-familiar stabbing pain that was accompanied by the too now-familiar bruised feeling on the heel… and my right foot pain simply got too bad to continue.

I’m taking at least a week off running.

Yeah that’ll mean I won’t be able to complete the training plan in time for my SHAPE Run, but what the heck, much as I hate it, I rather be able to continue running… albeit slowly, than be unable to run at all.  It might all sound like a lame excuse on my part, but right now my right foot hurts even to flex.  It hurts when I walk (am hobbling slightly).

The pain is at the top part of my foot, slightly towards to the side, like an inch away from my ankle.  I think it might be tendonitis – maybe I tied my laces too tight when I did that run on Friday, idk.  Am just gonna rest it, ice it and apply the Fastum gel that I’ve been applying on my left heel when the pain gets too bad… then will see how it goes.  I might attend a stretching class at the gym on Wed, depending how I feel, or maybe yoga on Thurs but not gonna do anything more than that.  If the pain is still present by next week, I’ll make an appointment with the podiatrist again.  I reckon I might just need a new pair of running shoes too >.<”

Whoever said running is a “cheap sport” can go take a dive off a skyscraper… without a parachute.

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