Getting Restless… and increasingly Frustrated

Have been totally inactive for the past 2 days, with exception of the almost 2km stroll home from the office after work (which I don’t count as “exercise”), and am starting to feel a little meh.  It might sound contradictory, considering that I’ve had my lazy weeks with 0 attendances at the gym or outdoors but it is one thing to be inactive by choice… another to be forced into it.  I’ll most likely be doing a stretch class at the gym later, since it is pretty low impact.  The only exercises that might put some strain on my feet are the balancing ones, but there probably isn’t gonna be too many of that hence I reckon I should be able to manage.

My right foot tendon still feels tender, and still hurts while I try flexing (pointing is alright).  I haven’t been applying Fastum gel as I intended, but I’ve had my dad help me rub on it (like a bruise) with Chinese medical oil – well, rubbing does help my bruises heal faster and since this feels like one, am just giving it a try and being hopeful.  It does zilch to my plantar fasciitis though LOL

It is frustrating.

I can see my goal of hitting a sub-30min 5K getting further away from me.  /sigh not that it’s guaranteed that I’ll be able to do it even if I were to stick to the training plan, at the rate I’m progressing.  I don’t deny that for the past 2 days, thoughts of giving up did cross my mind.  It’s like… why should I continue doing something that I obviously suck at?  Would it be more productive if I were to focus them elsewhere?

Oh… remember the triathlon that I was contemplating taking part in?  Well, perhaps it’s a good thing that I chickened out eventually.  The triathlon was last weekend.  I’d have probably gotten a DNF with the pain.  Nothing is more depressing than a DNF or worse, a bottom placing.  I’ve since looked @ the results of the Sprint Category.  Most of the participants in the Women’s Open category clocked sub-30 min times for the 5k run section.  Perhaps I should acknowledge that this is out of my league till I actually get the running part done?

Yeah some might say timing isn’t everything.  It’s the enjoyment of the sport that matters.  It’s competing against oneself, getting better all the time.  It’s finishing.

Well… that isn’t good enough for Me.

I guess this is the competitive part that I’ve brought over from playing MMORPGs.  It does not satisfy me to simply be a regular raider in one of the server’s best raiding guilds back then.  To be content, I must constantly be at the top of the dps meters, and it doesn’t matter that I was a combat rogue when every other rogue was mutilate.  I made it then, and it became a matter of widening the gap from the player behind.  Competition with others felt good.

I don’t see why I can’t make it now.  Especially when my goal now is no longer the top 3 spots (too much effort for that lol).  I’ll be happy with being in the top quarter of my category.  For that I’ll need a sub-30min run time.

I will get this.

One way or another.


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